Student of the week: Marisa Napoli

Notre Dame Academy

Marisa Napoli
Marisa Napoli


School subject: English

Extracurricular activity: Theater

Hobbies: Student Council, theater, softball, eating

Car: My grandpa’s old Subaru

Store: Francesca’s and Target

Musical artist: The Black Keys

Movie: Ferris Buehler’s Day Off

TV show: Pretty Little Liars


Cafeteria food must-have: Bosco sticks

Last book read that wasn’t required: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Pet peeve: People chewing loudly (AH!)

Person most admired: My mom

Person I’d like to meet: Britt Nicole

Items always in my locker: A mini wiper board that my friends write on.

First job: An assistant in a financial office.

Top accomplishment: National qualifier for forensics and third place in the state.


After-graduation plans: I am not quite sure as to what I’ll be doing quite yet. At this moment, my top two schools are the University of Dayton and Miami University, where I may major in business or education.

Career goal: My goal, no matter what I major in, is to improve life for others. Whether it is through business or as a teacher, I would like to be a light for helping other people.

Quote from teacher: “Marisa has impressed me from early on in her high school years with the charisma she shows, the maturity she possesses, and the humor she brings to countless situations,” said Adrian Meier, counselor. “Marisa has been very involved with our school, and has made a palpable impact on school spirit during her time at NDA.”

— Information is compiled for The Blade by the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West.