Bono (Ohio) Residents Interviewed for Historical Article
August 6, 2014, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Venue: Bono Tavern
Address: 843 Main St.

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Tickets: No cost.

Description: The residents of Bono, Ohio and the surrounding area will be interviewed by local historian Patrick Tucker on its history and connection with the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Ohio. The event will take place at the Bono Tavern owned by Pamela Teet. The village of Bono, founded after the Civil War, was named after Francis Bono (ca. 1828-1901, originally named Bunno), reported to be the son of an Ottawa chief. The Bono family and a few other Native American families decided not to emigrate to Kansas territory in the 1830s under President Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Bill of 1828. Victoria Cateract (ca. 1830-1915), the grand daughter of a Chippewa chief, was also prominent among this group of Native Americans who was at one time married to the oldest brother of Peter Navarre, whose family were pioneers of Toledo, Ohio.

All residents with information on the history, legend, and folklore of Bono, Ohio and its Native American families are welcomed for discussion and interview. Mr. Tucker plans to write an article or human interest story on the village and its residents.

More Info:

If more people show up that can be interviewed on August 6, 2014, additional dates will be scheduled for discussion and interview.

Venue Information:
Bono Tavern
843 Main St.
Martin, OH 43445

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