Letters to the editor: Paper should give anti-Trump view


I find it interesting that with the midterm elections in the near future, that The Blade has seen fit to offer up a 5-part weekly series that apparently has the sole purpose of talking up Mr. Trump, and influencing those midterm elections in any way it can toward Trump’s agenda. If The Blade is going to do this, it should offer equal time and comment to those who do not like Mr. Trump.

The political bent of the Blade is worrisome, where much is made of Mr. Trump’s perceived victories, and hardly anything about his obvious faults. He does not deserve any lauding or honors, despite his attempts to force them in his many rallies. Mr. Trump is a crude loudmouthed bully, who listens to no one and thinks of himself as a genius. How sad America has a man like him in the most important office in the land.

This newspaper’s image has fallen. It is a mere shadow of what it once was, and you can’t blame it all on the Internet.


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Council right not to forgive loan

Even though I am an ex-Toledoan who now resides in Maumee I would like to congratulate the Toledo City council on their 11-0 vote to not forgive Bruce Douglas’ loan. I hope it does not back down in the future (“Toledo City Council rejects developer’s request to forgive $500,000 loan,” Aug. 28).

The Blade quoted Mr. Douglas as saying he shouldn’t have to pay the loan back because the development did not turn a profit. Wow!

After reading the list of some of Mr. Douglas’ former positions, I concluded he has taken his “fair share” out of the public trough already.



Galbraith will serve district

If you watched Senator John McCain’s funeral, you saw and heard eloquent speakers who came from various backgrounds. Mr. McCain wanted to remind our country that it takes politicians who possess integrity and a willingness to work across the aisle to achieve results that benefit our citizens and the preservation of democracy.

As Northwest Ohio enters the fall elections, voters have the opportunity to elect a representative to Congress who has respect for the “other” side, who listens to all opinions and who encourages us and our country to follow the path of our better angels. Let’s not let this opportunity pass.

I urge registered voters to examine candidate Michael Galbraith. On election day, encourage voters to think of Senator McCain and vote for the candidate who will best serve our district and country with integrity and who will “cross the aisle” to enact legislation that will help solve the problems facing our country.