Spring into the Season by Updating your Outdoor Living Spaces


With the warm weather of Spring just around the corner, it s time to start thinking about your outdoor living spaces. Are your wooden deck and front porch ready for fun in the sun? It s easy to update both in just a few easy steps and give yourself a whole new look for the season. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Start with a clean slate. If the nasty winter weather has left your deck looking less-than-presentable, never fear; cleaning your wooden deck is as easy as 1-2-3. Scrub with soap and water, let dry and enjoy!

Need a facelift? Change the whole look of your wooden deck with a new stain. Available in a wide range of colors, wood stains are easy to apply and add a whole new depth and dimension to any of your outdoor living spaces.

Update your furniture. To change the look of your deck or front porch, consider an easy, do-it-yourself project using treated Southern Pine lumber. A nice Adirondack chair would fill a corner and allow more guest seating, while a planter box brings fresh greenery to corners.

Dress up your furniture. After you drag those weatherproof seat pads out of storage, add a bright throw pillow to a chair or a new vinyl tablecloth to your table for a fresh new burst of color.

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. Nothing personalizes your deck or front porch like fresh green plants and colorful flowers. Yellow flowers help welcome the Spring, while red blooms coordinate nicely with your Flag Day and Fourth of July decor. Consider rotating your flowers back and forth between the front porch and deck for an ever-changing look.

Decorate! After your furniture and flowers are in place, purchase a few inexpensive yard art items to customize your look. Stained glass flowers, tin sunbursts and old-fashioned wall signs add tremendous character and make your deck a homey, fun place to hang out.

Grill it, baby. Cooking outdoors isn t only healthy, it creates a great social environment. All kinds of grills and outdoor fireplaces are available these days; find the one that best fits your decorating -- and cooking! -- style, and go for it.

Add space. If your deck or front porch has become a little cramped with furniture, plants, children s outdoor toys and dog bones, add a small storage box to help control the clutter. It s also a good place to store items during the winter.

Rock and swing. A porch isn t a porch without a rocking chair or a swing. They re easy to install and if you choose wood to match your deck, they re a seamless accent to your decor.

If you don t have a deck, build one! But choose your building material wisely: if you want the look of wood, use real wood. Treated Southern Pine lumber is the only naturally renewable building material on the market. It s durable, it s affordable and it s strong. Choosing Southern Pine isn t only environmentally sound, it s a strong lifestyle choice.

As you update your deck or front porch for Spring, use your creativity when choosing decor, furniture and flowers. And remember to choose Southern Pine lumber for all of your outdoor projects, including decks and front porches. The beauty and durability of the wood provides a lasting, classic touch to any home style.