Pre-Boomers could enhance downtown


I read your editorial “Downtown and upscale” with interest and encouragement.

Getting downtown residents and residences away from the perceived ideas of living downtown is certainly a way to bring back a more independent segment of the population.

However, how about some proposals for “moderately” upscale downtown condominiums, say in the $100,000-$180,000 range?

There is a sizable group of us pre-Baby Boomers who are retired or semi-retired who would love to live downtown but can niether afford what is being offered nor want the headaches and work of rehabilitating and maintaining older, free-standing homes.

Not only would we make good downtown residents, but many of us who are or would like to be semi-retired would establish an excellent work force for existing or new businesses in the downtown area.




Thank goodness for Mary Alice Powell and her columns. We have lost Millie Benson. Tom Ensign has retired.

And they are tearing down our school buildings.

After reading her column regarding “scaling back,” I felt that our generation of seniors are still alive and well.



Your article “Pop Goes The Gospel,” stated that our youth are not likely to pop in a CD of George Beverly Shea singing old hymns. Also, according to the article, they will not have their bedroom walls plastered with his posters, and teenage girls even in George's prime would not sigh and swoon.

George never tried to be a surfer dude. He was never greeted by wails rising from hundreds of chest-clutching, hair-tugging, leaping-on-their-toes teenage girls.

God and Satan's names are interchangeable. Which would make the most money for groups not good enough to make it in secular music? One thing is clear: It is still all about sex!

If Ozzy Osbourne put Jesus' name favorably in his music, some church would have him on the platform in a heartbeat. He would dance, whirl, wave, and wink.

Satan has always been the great duplicator - the chameleon that sneaks in.



Calvary Baptist Tabernacle

David Gunn was appointed by the President to revamp our Amtrak railroad system. Rightly so, the first move he made was to reduce the number of vice presidents from 84 to 20.

Another good move would be to ship these V.P.s to Europe to study its system, which is viable and profitable. And they may come back with some knowledge of running a railroad.


Glaston Oaks Court