Mascot like Mr. Limpet on steroids


Is there anybody out there who thinks that the new mascot for our hockey team looks like the incredible Mr. Limpet on steroids?

If not check out the 1964 movie The Incredible Mr. Limpet. If you don't want to buy or rent the movie, check out the movie trailer on YouTube.

As for Ben Konop's comment on naming the team being a "successful exercise in democracy," he is sadly mistaken.

According to the article in The Blade on Feb. 20, the Mud Hens sought trademark patents in May, 2005, for the "Walleye" moniker.

It seems to me that the Mud Hens' management was setting their plan in motion at the same time they were telling the public that the game of hockey, specifically the Storm and their fans, did not represent the type of entertainment that the Mud Hens wanted to be involved in.

Mr. Konop was right. It was a fine example of how democracy in this city works: Lie and deceive in order to achieve.

Joe Doncoes

121st Street

While I pondered all the media and speeches that candidates had to offer, I thought to myself, who do I know better?

Sen. Barack Obama hadn't even been heard of until he popped out of the woodwork as a potential candidate. I had never heard of him in politics prior to this election.

All of a sudden, he has some major influential people supporting him. I'm not comfortable with the way things transpired there.

When I apply for a job, I am required to release all information and references, including financial information and how I pay my bills.

Sometimes it feels as though I am applying for a job with the FBI.

I am still concerned about the lack of information about Mr. Obama.

Maybe he should try running for president in the next election so we have a chance to get to know him better.

In the meantime, he should remain in the public eye and allow his supporters time to see who this stranger is who decided to run for president.

Oprah for a supporter is great, but I'm not an Oprah fan.

Did Oprah even know this guy before he decided to run for president? Something doesn't seem right here.

Kelly Carrillo

Butler Street

If it s not too late I understand there are objections to the name Walleye I d like to propose a name for the hockey team: the Potholes. There are more potholes in Toledo than there are walleye in the Maumee River, I m sure. Since no one s going to fix the potholes, we might as well learn to celebrate them. Potholes now, potholes tomorrow, potholes forever could be their slogan. Carty could carry their flag into the arena.

William L. Burkhardt

Heatherdowns Boulevard