Come on, Sandy, show how it's done


Let's talk, Lucas County commissioners: We have three and all have an ego that won't quit.

Commissioner Pete Gerken - if it is not his idea, forget it. Commissioner Tina Skeldon Wozniak is riding her father's coattails that are decades old. Commissioner Ben Konop needs the money to pay his tuition, all the while the sheriff's department has been on overtime for years with a double dippingsheriff. Mr. Konop had an idea to save money but rather than pay down any debt, he wants to throw it away on free tuition at the University of Toledo or equal education "if" the recipients promise to stay in Lucas County area. Free is worth whatever you pay for it.

Let's send these drones packing and hire some new drones. Come back, Sandy [Isenberg], and show them how a "pro" does it.

Alan Coventry

Tremainsville Road

On the one hand, it is interesting to note that the city seeking furlough days is an acknowledgement - at least in the field of labor relations - an acknowledgement that the city has no current "right" to require such absences.

Whereas, the other hand looks likehad AFSCME-Local 7 been voting on a fact-finder's report as required under thestate's collective bargaining laws, the union would not have met the two-thirds of all current members needed for a rejection.

The question neither side addresses in their efforts to publicly negotiate their collective bargaining agreement is this: Why don't the parties utilize the "mutually agreed to dispute resolution" requirements set forth in the state's collective bargaining laws?'

Robert L. Johnson

Imperial Boulevard

Now that we've had the coronation of the messiah, it's interesting to watch him lead his disciples toward the great abyss of socialism.

He has ascended to the throne on the misguided hopes and dreams of his disciples who wanted "change" and are getting nothing more than a third term of the "Clinton Doctrine," complete with scandals, lies, and hypocrisy.

Because of the liberals' extreme, blind hatred for President Bush, these mindless disciples are being led to the edge of this abyss and can't fathom what's coming in the form of an all-out attack on the Constitution and our constitutional rights. We can say good-bye to our capitalist, free-market society as we know it.

By naming ultra-liberals to round out his national-security and Justice departments he is about to eradicate the one, great achievement of President Bush: He kept us safe after 9/11.

Couple this with his belief in the Marxist dictum of "from each according to his means, to each according to his needs" (redistribution of wealth), which is the linchpin of socialism, andwe have a socialist utopia on the horizon.

Thanks to his mindless disciples, the messiah will be the most liberal, socialist-leaning president ever to be in the White House.

Conservatives, now more than ever, must be vigilant in defending America as we enter into an all out assault on our unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Gary Stechschulte


It is shameful that Blade columnist S. Amjad Hussain justifies the Mumbai blasts to condone terrorism, with no apologies for the loss of innocent lives. Pakistan can do all it wants, but it will never succeed separating Kashmir from India.

The people of Kashmir have spoken. The recent free and fair elections with a voter turnout of 65 percent all but sealed the fate of Kashmir. Why would the people of Kashmir like to join a bankrupt state? With the foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan dwindled to $7 billion bankruptcy is looming large on the horizon.

To refer to the sordid affair between Nehru and Lady Mountabatten as the reason for the original injustice to Pakistan and thus justify terrorism for territorial claims is a lowly act.

This time, Pakistan was caught with both its hands in the cookie jar and could not wiggle its way out.

Evidence thus far confirms the suspicion that the Pakistan Intelligence Service and the Pakistan military were actively involved in the planning and execution of this heinous crime.

Another writer wants Pakistan's civilian government further strengthened with more economic aid, to which the U.S. taxpayer, retorts where did the $10 billion go? It was probably swallowed by the ISI and the Pakistan army.

Pakistan, under relentless pressure from the U.S.A., stands the risk of being declared a terrorist state. The only thing that will satisfy India will be the extradition of the criminals involved in this heinous crime to India, although there is no extradition treaty between India and Pakistan.

Since American citizens were killed in the encounters, they could conceivably be extradited to the United States.

Satish K. Sood

Ottawa Hills

In a recent Readers' Forum letter, "Christmas driving was not very merry," a point was well made. Talk is cheap when it comes to Toledo's snow laws regarding public walks that abut private property.

Most people know that the walks are required to be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours after it stops snowing.

But another part of the city code prohibits plowing of snow from parking lots and driveways by depositing such snow upon any paved portion of the public right-of-way, and that means the public sidewalks as well as in the street. That offense is a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.

And if the offender is an organization as defined under Organizational Criminal Liability, and cited as such, the penalty is not a "slap on the wrist," but a fine of up to $2,000, plus court costs.

As to the response I keep getting from the city that an officer must catch offenders in the act for anything to be done, I suggest that the people in charge of the enforcement of our city code read Ohio Revised Code Sections 2935.09 and 2935.10.

Between asking the right questions of people who have knowledge of these types of offenses, and the use of photographs, there is no reason why convictions for violations could not be obtained under the municipal code, which would not only bring in money but make the public walks in front of businesses safe for the citizens of Toledo.

David Axilrod

Manchester Boulevard

Just a thought: If you are driving and have an accident while talking on your cell phone, your insurance should be null and void. This is your choice.

Bruce Alcock


The announcement recently of the death of Fritz Rudolph, founder and longtime CEO of Rudolph-Libbe Inc., northwest Ohio's largest construction firm, was a shock to this Toledoan and all who love the Toledo construction industry.

Fritz Rudolph was a great leader and friend. He and his wonderful wife, Marilyn, did much good in the Toledo area.

The growth of Rudolph-Libbe in both good and bad times is a great story of leadership and personal commitment. It's a story of what is right about Toledo.

In the last two years, Toledo has lost five construction industry giants. Gid Spieker, Jr., and Dick Schoen died in 2007. Pete Bentley and Mike Whittington died in 2008.

These five good men of unparalleled integrity and competence were the backbone of the Toledo construction industry.

Toledo will miss them greatly.

J. Patrick Nicholson


Listening to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin blame the news media for her pratfalls is like blaming Blade sports columnist Dave Hackenberg for the Detroit Lions 0-16 season.

Hal Simon