Let big oil build refinery


Everyone is on the President about not bending over backwards for oil companies to approve the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada ("Defending clean energy," editorial, Feb. 1).

Corporations and Republicans say whatever it takes, the pipeline should be built now. The President says we should take our time and if we are to do it, do it right the first time.

Have we forgotten the Exxon Valdez accident, the gulf oil spill, Hurricane Katrina taking out most of the refineries in the gulf, or the million-gallon pipeline rupture in Michigan?

Why don't we do something that hasn't happened in decades in this country? Make the oil companies spend their own money to build a refinery closer to the oil.

Tracy Yeager

Harvest Lane

Anti-abortion questions

Some questions for the anti-abortion crowd ("Komen rule on funding is reversed after outcry; Planned Parenthood eligible," Feb. 4):

Would you be willing to pay for an expectant mother's prenatal care? How about the birth? The costs to raise the child? The child's education?

Why, then, are you trying to force others to do the same?

Women have been terminating unwanted pregnancies since ancient Rome. Isn't it better that such a procedure is done in a sterile surgical room with appropriate equipment, rather than in someone's kitchen or other makeshift operating room with a wire coat hanger or knitting needle?

Besides, isn't removing a woman's right to choose just a matter of the government telling women what they can and cannot do?

Zachary Daniel

Bowling Green


Build a replica of courthouse

Seneca County's commissioners decided that their historic and beautiful courthouse was so wasted and weakened by infirmities of old age that it had to be torn down. Thanks to The Blade for such good coverage of the destruction ("History topples in Tiffin; Chunks of clock tower fall as divisive demolition wraps up," Feb. 3).

Now the county needs a new courthouse. Let's get out the blueprints drawn by Elijah Myers, who designed the courthouse, and build one exactly like the old one, including a replica of the original clock tower.

Albert Hammer

Sylvania Township

Enough already of courthouse

The Seneca County Courthouse deserves no more space in your newspaper.

Please report the news that affects us most in northwest Ohio, before we shake our heads and wonder: Where's The Blade I used to read?

Bob Fotoples