Business director not needed


Toledo Mayor-elect D. Michael Collins can save the city $135,000 a year by canceling the position of business director (“City delays votes on position’s pay, cat and dog sales,” Nov. 27).

Voters elected a politically independent person for mayor, but he has emerged as a left-wing Democrat who has surrendered his independence to labor unions and the editorial board of The Blade.

Toledo will now have a union mayor, plus a substantial union presence on City Council and the Toledo school board. Given these circumstances, businesses would likely avoid Toledo as a location, eliminating the need for a business director.

It is unfortunate that unions’ role as worker representative has deviated far from its original goal. Unions have formed an unholy alliance with the Democratic Party in which unions have become the exploiter.

If Mr. Collins continues to believe he is an independent who knows a magical way to say no to unions, then he is a victim of his own delusion.

Drummond Road

Bell did well; now it’s up to Collins
My hat is off to Toledo Mayor Mike Bell for a job well done. He made some tough decisions. In doing so, he ticked off many people, including me.

However, he doesn’t owe favors to anyone, and our city coffers are in the black. I voted for him for re-election, because he proved himself to be able to do what he promised to do.

I am counting on Mayor-elect D. Michael Collins to do an even better job, which he promised, and to keep our city thriving and in the black. I wish him well in this chapter of his life’s journey, because it will benefit all of us if he does well.

St. John Avenue


Kudos to Bell for stint as mayor
Mike Bell has been a good mayor of Toledo. He stood up to people who wanted money that the city did not have. He attracted new businesses and investment to Toledo.

His administration demolished many vacant buildings, and secured funds to pave many streets. Although he did not get re-elected, he ran a good race.

I believe that he will cooperate with the incoming mayor and his administration. Thanks to Mr. Bell for a job well done.

Mackow Drive


Respect for God seems on wane
Are all the little girls who have admired and emulated Miley Cyrus going to start smoking pot, wearing suggestive clothing, and swearing — or do they already (“Cyrus twerks with dwarf, smokes joint at MTV show,” Nov. 12)?

We are fast becoming a generation without respect for God. Decency has become a thing to be avoided if one desires popularity.

Will respect for the Lord be the last thing on our minds when our time is up? If so, I hope it will not be too late.

Daleford Drive