Pentagon post good for Toledo


When I heard that Col. Steven Nordhaus was getting transferred to the Pentagon from the Ohio Air National Guard base at Toledo Express Airport, I was disappointed and slightly saddened (“Fighter wing commander says good-bye,” Nov. 26).

However, when I talked to guardsmen who work under him, they told me that we need to look at his promotion as an honor and a reflection of the quality of the 180th Fighter Wing base.

Colonel Nordhaus’ leadership in Washington could do far more good for our country. He will be able to represent the 180th and how important the unit is in securing our country’s future.

His promotion should be viewed as a pat on the back for the employees and staff of the 180th for excellent performance and dedication to our country.

I am a Christmas tree farmer who became friends with Colonel Nordhaus though our Trees for Troops giveaway program. I look forward to meeting the next commander.


Ottawa Hills


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Trains would ease traffic woes

Traveling from Columbus on a recent weekday afternoon, I took U.S. 23 northbound, which merges into I-75. The drive was almost bumper to bumper, with trucks as far as you could see.

Some trucks were trying to pass and competing for space with other drivers at a speed most of the time of more than 70 mph. Any mistake by a driver evokes a nightmare scenario.

When will Americans wake up to the realization that rapid transit is the solution to these driving challenges? Rail service among Ohio’s largest cities is the answer.

Flying is no longer fun. Driving is a chore. It is time for something more practical. Fast trains surely would be a welcome transportation improvement.


Lambertville, Mich.


Japanese exhibit artfully done

I first visited the Toledo Museum of Art more than 70 years ago to take finger-painting classes on Saturday mornings. Since then, I have been back many times, but have never spent a more enjoyable afternoon than when I recently visited the Japanese woodblock exhibition.

The prints are inexpensive, quite beautiful, and a wonderful window into pre-World War II Japan.

Thanks to the museum for this wonderful exhibition.


Sylvania Township


Holidays tinged with greed

After seeing all the hoopla about Gray Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, let’s just call this season Green Holidays, to reflect greed.

Whatever happened to the real meaning of the season?