Employees need support in a Level 3


Something needs to be done to support employees who stay off the roads during a Level 3 snow emergency (“Epic storm snarls roads, cancels scores of events; Lucas Co. declares Level 3 snow emergency as 8.2” coat area,” Jan. 6).

My employer didn’t care if a Level 3 were in effect. He wanted his employees at work. He would not pay for tickets or fees if our vehicles were towed.

When a Level 3 is declared, employees are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Those who choose to go to work can get a ticket or worse. Those who choose to stay home may face disciplinary action up to and including job dismissal.

During the most recent Level 3, I chose to obey the law and I will have to suffer the consequences.


Naomi Drive


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Snowplow drivers lauded for work

Kudos to the snowplow drivers for a job well done during the recent storm. I am a Blade carrier who delivered newspapers during the Level Three emergency.

I was worried that the roads wouldn’t be plowed, but all the ones on my routes were. It made my job easier.


Havre Street


Don’t complain of driveway snow

In response to the writer of the Jan. 9 Readers’ Forum letter “Plows dump snow onto clear surface” concerning snowplows dumping snow at the end of his shoveled driveway: Are the drivers supposed to raise their plow as they pass by each driveway? Does that writer want his street open so he can drive to work?

The snowplow drivers are doing their job. Would that writer like to do it?




Letter carriers did their duty well

A special hats off to our U.S. Postal Service letter carriers, who have been delivering our mail during this stretch of bad weather.

I hope everyone who received mail thanks these people for their performance under these extreme circumstances.


Commonwealth Avenue


Blade carrier went extra mile

On Jan. 7, my husband and I saw a woman stopping at newspaper boxes on a rural route, getting out of her car, and putting newspapers in the boxes.

The woman was Denise Walsh, our Blade carrier. She went the extra mile — actually, several miles.

Thanks to The Blade for wonderful service. The Blade should be proud of its employees — especially if they’re all like Denise.


Hudson, Mich.


Paper delivery appreciated

Blade carrier Pam Hardy is the best. All through the past snowstorm, my newspaper was here by 6:30 a.m. each day.

I know how tough it was for her: I was a Blade carrier 66 years ago.


Monclova Township