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Election changes troubling

The Ohio Republican Senate and House have passed a series of election laws (“Additional voting rules approved by Ohio House; Provisional ballots to be affected,” Feb. 27). Ohioans know these laws are not intended to fix a broken election system marred by fraud. So why were these laws enacted?

Perhaps it is to develop a sense of community, as neighbors get to know each other while they stand in unnecessarily long lines on Election Day. Perhaps it is to save election boards time and money by having fewer votes to count.

The changes were made to seek a Republican political advantage. Every item is structured to reduce participation among targeted groups.

Democracy requires maximum participation if it is to be seen as the legitimate will of the people.


Oak Grove Place


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GOP at root of voter problem

After reading state Sen. Nina Turner’s Feb. 9 op-ed column, “Let’s broaden, not restrict, Ohioans’ access to the ballot,” I have come to the conclusion that she’s just too nice, because she didn’t identify the proponent of voter suppression: the Republican Party.

The concept of voter fraud, much less fraud in large enough numbers to affect an election, is ludicrous.

There is a simple reason that Republicans resort to shenanigans to win an election: They don’t believe they can convince members of the middle class, the largest economic voting bloc, that the GOP is working in their interest.

All you have to do is look at gerrymandering and voter suppression to come to the conclusion that the GOP doesn’t believe it can win on an even playing field. So how can middle-class voters trust Republicans on any issue?



Stansley case at UT embarrassing

Your Feb. 28 article “Stansley’s exit from UT raises big questions; His $1,200 a day salary was paid to brother’s firm” was eye-opening.

Your article pinpoints rampant mismanagement at many levels, including state government. Hiring contract employees without a statement of work is blatant incompetence.

This amount of waste is embarrassing to me as a University of Toledo alumnus and Lucas County resident.




Shame on all in UT-UTIE link

It is disgusting to read about UT’s relationship with Rick Stansley and University of Toledo Innovation Enterprises. Money for nothing and wages paid to his brother’s company, because Mr. Stansley was facing a state tax lien.

Shame on UT, shame on Mr. Stansley, and shame on UT President Lloyd Jacobs.


Mapleway Drive

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