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Letters to the Editor


Abortion destroys a baby

Your March 26 editorial “Danger and desperation” treats having an abortion no differently from having the right to pull out an unwanted sore tooth. At four months in the womb, when abortions in Ohio are legal, the baby’s heart is beating, and its legs and arms are moving.

Abortion does not snuff out the life of a nebulous fetus. It destroys a baby with all the genetic makeup of its uniqueness.




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How to replace missile programs?

I hoped The Blade would cover the important story of President Obama’s decision to discontinue our Tomahawk and Hellfire missile programs. Internet articles about this decision reflect a concerned reaction from our military units.

This is an important news story that the American public should be made aware of, considering many people don’t get their news from the Internet. Responsible newspapers need to report important news, most surely when it may affect our national security.

How will this decision affect America’s ability to defend itself or our allies at a time when Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran are flexing their muscles and running their mouths? Do we have anything in mind to replace these missile programs?




Columnist’s ideas expensive, wrong

Columnist Charles Krauthammer’s directives for countering Russian President Vladimir Putin’s moves in Crimea, distilled to their true meanings, are to increase government spending on initiatives with no hope of return on investment and with no mention of how this spending would be paid for (“How to stop — or slow — Putin’s moves,” op-ed, March 16).

They would increase our debt or likely come at the expense of anything that would benefit the poor, the middle class, infrastructure, education, health care, or job creation.

None of this would keep Crimea in Ukraine. And how does Crimea’s connection to Ukraine versus Russia affect our security interests?


Sylvania Township


U.N. should settle Ukraine issue

The United Nations was established for civilized countries to settle their differences. If Russia or any other country does not wish to comply, then it should be voted out of the U.N. Russia's aggression in Ukraine cannot be allowed to stand.



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