Tressel not right fit as a president


The headline of Blade sports columnist Dave Hackenberg’s April 25 commentary asks: “Tressel for president? Why not?” Mr. Hackenberg provides a partial answer when he reminds us of Jim Tressel’s termination from Ohio State University for rules violations and lying about them.

Mr. Tressel could be a president anyhow because schools such as the University of Akron and Youngstown State University are, as Mr. Hackenberg said, not Harvard or Yale.

Mr. Hackenberg shows little respect for our state schools. He favors a candidate with no academic credentials becoming a university president because of his talent for raising funds.


Sylvania Township

Editor’s note: The writer is associate dean emeritus of the College of Education at the University of Toledo.


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Voting procedure undermines right

Realizing that I’d be out of town on May 6, I opted to vote early instead of requesting an absentee ballot (“Early voting under way,” April 2). Because of the unfamiliar location and six blocks of stop signs, vacant lots, and abandoned buildings, when I arrived at the Lucas County Early Vote Center on North 13th Street, I did not feel safe.

Despite misplaced arrows, antiquated elevators, and a maze of halls on the third floor, I was able to vote quickly. While there, I voiced concern about elderly or handicapped people who might have trouble reaching the voting site. I asked people who were on duty to forward my complaint.

The handling of the voting site is a blatant ruse to confuse, inconvenience, and discourage voters. Shame on elected State of Ohio officials and the Lucas County Board of Elections for making our right to vote such a challenge.

I hope voters will persevere, and remember those who made their right and privilege so difficult.


Evergreen Road


Why rip the Pope at Easter?

The Blade ran an op-ed column by Marilou Johanek on the day before Easter, in which she criticized Pope Francis for not doing enough about the pedophile priest issue (“Pope’s plea for forgiveness for sex abuse cases is not enough,” April 19).

This is like criticizing the President on the Fourth of July weekend. Publishing that column on that day was bad timing, and showed great disrespect for the office and the man who holds it.


Greenlawn Drive


Slighting pope a devilish thing

I wonder how many people, besides me, had their day ruined on April 26 after reading Maureen Dowd’s column about Pope John Paul II (“Pope John Paul II: A saint, he ain’t”).


Lambertville, Mich.


Vinegar touted as a herbicide

I was disappointed in your April 28 article “Seven things to do for your garden now,” because it promoted harmful chemicals for weed control. Vinegar is an excellent herbicide and is safer.


Port Clinton, Ohio