Wealth is relative on world stage


A mind-set has developed that rich people got that way on the backs of the poor and middle class, and that wealth was stolen from the have-nots and should be returned to them (“Squeezing the middle,” editorial, April 29).

Pain will be felt by only the rich, but that’s OK because everybody else will have a lot more. That thinking may be OK if it applies only in the United States, but when the world family is factored in, the picture changes a bit.

We are considered by many other people in the rest of the world to be rich. If income redistribution would be mandated by a world government, guess who will be giving up fortunes to the have-nots.

It will be Americans. Perhaps we should be a bit more careful about what we think we want.

Atwood Road

High Court got prayer ruling right
The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion and freedom of speech (“Wrong on public prayer,” guest editorial, May 7). It does not guarantee freedom from religion or freedom from speech.

Some of our earliest documents, including the Declaration of Independence, invoke God. We are mostly a Judeo-Christian country, whether atheists like it or admit it.

The U.S. Supreme Court got this one right.

Monclova Township


Webb must think before speaking
If Lindsay Webb is going to continue as a Toledo City Council member, someone should be assigned to screen her public utterances before they are published in The Blade (“Local officials decry state cuts; Bipartisan group rallies at Statehouse,” April 2).

When Ms. Webb chided Gov. John Kasich over his revenue-sharing budget, she said: “The potholes in Toledo are the worst they have ever been, so it’s a good thing we make Jeeps.” That makes Toledo elected officials sound like nincompoops.

What do four-wheel-drive vehicles have to do with potholes? Are they immune to pothole damage?

Toledo does not need any more fodder to help fuel negative images of our community.

Robinwood Avenue 


Experience not always the answer
If Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins’ biggest concern about the Treece family’s plan to operate Toledo Express Airport is its lack of experience, how does he explain those who have experience and operated the facility in the red in recent years (“Private plan for airport panned,” April 4)?

Regina Parkway