‘Neutrality’ on equality is wrong


D. Michael Collins was elected mayor of Toledo, not the Catholic mayor of Toledo (“Collins is neutral on same-sex marriage; Mayor cites religion, says he’ll follow law,” May 23). His unwillingness to support same-sex marriage equality initiatives based on his religious expression contradicts his oath to support Toledoans and their civil rights.

The tide of history is turning toward fair and equal rights for all, as guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

Mayor Collins’ question about whether marriage is a civil contract is easily answered: As long as the government requires a license for a marriage to be legally approved, it is a civil contract sanctioned by the state. Those who wish to add a religious ceremony may do so, but it is not required in the eyes of the state for validity.

Mr. Collins’ reluctance to support a right deserved and supported by many of his constituents shows that he does not support all citizens of Toledo. That will force many of us on the side of equal rights to cease supporting him.

I hope Mr. Collins will reconsider and find himself on the right side of history.


Parkwood Avenue


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Collins correct on same-sex marriage

I applaud Mayor Collins’ position on marriage equality, which supports the tenet of separation of church and state.

I support marriage equality, but am wary of pushing that belief on those who don’t agree. For either side to do so is a disservice to themselves and our society.

The mayor has done a fine job of walking the difficult line by using the law, not his personal beliefs, as his guide.




Homosexuals have birthrights

Regardless of sexual orientation, every man and woman is conceived by a male and a female, with legal rights and protection of the law given to every child at birth.

Denying men and women legal rights because their sexual orientation is homosexual violates their birthright, and is discriminatory and illegal.




Will rebuilt Trail be cracked too?

In response to your April 29 article “State may help smooth Trail; Heavily traveled roadway needs $30M in repairs”: Why has the Anthony Wayne Trail deteriorated so much?

If the state of Ohio is going to help with the repair effort, will it be like I-475 and have cracks develop soon after the work is done?


Oak Grove Place