Remove cleric’s name from sites


Gerald Robinson, a convicted murderer, has been buried with full priestly honors. The decision by Toledo Catholic Diocese officials to ignore the feelings of crime victims can’t be remedied now (“‘‍We are gathered here not to accuse ... or to excuse’; Hundreds attend diocesan funeral honoring convicted priest Robinson,” July 12).

But harm is still being done by another character in the sad, sordid drama of Father Robinson. And that harm can be fixed, if Toledo politicians and priests show some courage, compassion, and leadership.

A downtown street and a South Toledo youth athletic complex are named after Msgr. Jerome Schmit. Monsignor Schmit interrupted police questioning of Father Robinson during a murder investigation. Father Robinson was able to walk free for decades until he was finally charged, convicted, and imprisoned.

What signal is sent when a cleric who obstructed justice is honored in this way? Can’t city and church officials find a more deserving individual to recognize?

Won’t a handful of elected officials or Toledo priests join us in pushing to end this injustice? It sends a dreadfully depressing and hurtful message to crime victims, especially those of us who have been harmed by clerics.


Executive Director

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

St. Louis


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Commentary fails to make comment

Blade religion editor TK Barger’s July 12 commentary, “Robinson’s death closes a chapter, but not the book,” retold the particulars of the murder case and convicton of Father Robinson. That day’s front section fully reported on Father Robinson’s funeral.

If Mr. Barger wanted to comment on the event, he should have done so. There was no commentary or personal opinion evident. What he wrote was rehashed news.


Perrysburg Township

Innocence may be proven

Several letters in the July 11 Readers’ Forum complained about the Catholic Church allowing Father Robinson to have a Catholic funeral. We someday will find out who really killed Sister Margaret Ann Pahl.

Father Robinson was loved by many. I feel he was innocent.


Airedale Avenue

Reasonable doubt in case ignored?

DNA on the body of Sister Margaret Ann did not match that of Father Robinson. Such a finding would create reasonable doubt about the guilt of anyone — except a priest.


Colburn Street