To the editor: Toledo's palliative care options


The Blade’s Aug. 27 article, “God’s waiting room,” was a poignant, informative, well-written piece. But, for all its merits, it failed to inform local readers about two things:

First, it failed to acknowledge palliative care as an option when faced with a serious life-threatening injury or illness. Palliative care is helpful with physical, psychological, and spiritual care before end-of-life and hospice are appropriate.

Second, the piece should addressesed local resources. There are several outstanding options for hospice and palliative care on an in-patient or out-patient basis in our community. People would benefit from knowing this and how to contact them before they are faced with a crisis.

I think a follow-up article is needed.

West Toledo

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Republicans for Galbraith

This is a follow-up to a recent letter to the editor, which was a response to Tom Troy’s Aug. 8th column, “Two events clarify November elections.” The subject of that letter could be summarized as “Republicans for Galbraith.” This is a real thing.

As a registered Republican, and “Galbraith for Congress” volunteer, I can report that many of my family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) will be voting Democrat this fall. Some have even joined me in the volunteer department.

I doubt if this would have happened if a real Republican was sitting in the White House


A missed opportunity

I recently read the editorial in The Blade asking President Trump to stop calling the media the enemy of the people (Aug. 16, “No more enemies”). Then, this piece of self-serving claptrap turns as wishy-washy as anything I have ever read, essentially calling for the media to give Mr. Trump a break. It is an embarrassment to news reporters and honest journalism.

The weak-kneed editorial stands alone when compared to the meaningful, decisive editorials published the same day by dozens of other bastions of journalism.

It claims that “the credibility of American journalism has suffered.” It further claims that the media have turned biased.

It fails to note the difference between hard-news stories, editorials, and bylined columns of opinion. I believe Mr. Trump and many of his supporters can’t tell the difference.

The Blade gagged on a perfect opportunity to explain the difference and defend objective news.