To the editor: Vote out elections board


Voters — let’s remember who is on the Lucas County Board of Elections and make sure they never serve again. Remember these four names: Bruce Saferin, Brenda Hill, Joshua Hughes and David Karmol. Who decides that only four people make decisions for all the people of Lucas County? Why do the people of Lucas County not have the right to vote on this issue? More than 10,000 voters wanted this proposal to keep the jail downtown and just four people said no and control what is voted on or not voted on.

In protest, let’s all vote “no” on the new jail levy, now and and in the future. We the people have the right to vote on any proposal that the people have gathered the legal number of voters names and to be on the ballot to be voted upon by the majority, the taxpayers of Lucas County.


Letter was sick

The Aug. 29 letter writer of “Dramatic action needed” stating that Catholic seminarians should be castrated without trial and conviction of any crime, as a condition for ordination to the priesthood. This letter was vile and sick, sick, sick.


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Legalize opioids

Has anyone thought we should make opioid drugs legal and charge a high tax on them to help pay for treatment for those who are addicted?

This would be similar to what states have done with legalizing gambling, marijuana, and alcohol.

This might also reduce the price of the drugs which in turn lower the need for smuggling the drugs and free up law enforcement to take care of more important things such as getting rid of illegal immigrants.

We could also adopt a “3 strikes and you’re out” law like California has for criminals. It seems to work for them.