To the editor: Tax cuts for rich the reason federal employees didn't receive raises

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump

The Associated Press article: “Trump cancels raises for civilian federal employees — President cites budget constraints in axing 2.1 percent increase as Congress debates slightly lower amount” begs the questions: Who cut government revenue by cutting taxes? Who increased government spending while cutting revenue?

Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, like Donald Trump, are all guilty of cutting taxes while raising spending thus increasing debt. Yet somehow the Democrats are always to blame if you listen to right-wing talking points.

In every instance the top 1 percent have made out like a bandit while middle-class America has paid for it. Ironically since Reagan wages have not kept pace with inflation (nor has middle-class tax-cuts for that matter) but production and profits along with the “super-manager” wages have skyrocketed.

Even with all this “factual” information there are still those who are being frightened into voting for Republicans against their own best interest. It seems the “single issue voter” is the enemy of democracy even to their own detriment. Now congress suggests that .2 percent less of a raise is somehow more affordable. These politicians do not have our best interest in mind.



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A second reign of witches

Does history repeat itself? It is interesting to compare 1798 to 2018. In 1798 the Alien and Sedition Acts sought to limit both the flow of immigrants into the United States and attacks by the press on the Federalist administration. In 2018 the current administration seeks to do the same. The Alien and Sedition Acts are now considered one of the most egregious attempts in our history to subvert the principles of the Constitution. In opposition, Thomas Jefferson wrote at the time, “A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolved, and the people, recovering their true sight, restoring their government to its true principles.” This was accomplished after the election of 1800. Will history repeat itself in the election of 2018?


Monclova Township