Cheap Eats: Mexican food at marvelous prices at Taqueria La Autentica Michoacana

  • Taqueria-La-Autentica-Michoacana-sope

    An abundance of good things tops the filling sope at Taqueria La Autentica Michoacana.

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  • The food at Taqueria La Autentica Michoacana is as vibrant and colorful as its surrounding neighborhood along Broadway Street. And many of the dishes come in well under our mandatory $5 Cheap Eats budget.

    As you are seated, a basket of crispy chips and a slightly spicy salsa is offered as a welcome. Two other sauces, one red and one green, offer still more zing for those with heat-seeking taste buds.

    Classic tacos – topped with onions, cilantro, a slice of avocado, and a spritz of lime – cost only $1.75 each. Add a sprinkle of cheese for 25 cents extra.

    Lots of great deals are available for a hearty meal at Taqueria La Autentica Michoacana.

    The sope, with its corn cake base, is topped with so much deliciousness that it could be a light lunch all by itself for only $3. A choice of meat (including barbacoa, chicken, and chorizo) plus lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, crema, and avocado make this surprisingly hearty and filling.

    Be sure to leave room for dessert, because the tres leches cake, for only $3 per slice, is creamy and decadent – you won’t want to miss out. And note that the slice is so generous that it’s easily shareable.

    So head on down to Taqueria La Autentica Michoacana. It’s easy to find, thanks to a large colorful sign by the door. And once you get there, you’ll also easily find an array of delicious dishes at great prices.

    Taqueria La Autentica Michoacana, 1218 Broadway St., 419-244-6172,