The Full Course: Cajun-Caribbean hits the spot at HotBox Bistro

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    Hot Box Shrimp Po' Boy Sandwich.

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  • Keitha Sheares, the owner and head cook at HotBox Bistro, opened her restaurant while she was still pregnant with her fourth child. She brings her now-five-month-old daughter to work every day, which is just second nature; after all, Ms. Sheares “worked until the day [Nahlia] was born.”

    The HotBox serves food influenced by Ms. Sheares’ upbringing: “I’m originally from Los Angeles, my dad’s side is from Florida, and Mom’s family is here,” she said. “I traveled to all three places all my life, so I kind of mash all three together.”

    WATCH: HotBox offers cajun, soul and comfort foods in downtown Toledo

    Po’ boys stuffed with fried fish or shrimp, rice- and meat-filled teriyaki pineapple bowls, a crab boil, pork chops with sides such as baked macaroni and cheese or candied yams, and lemon pepper wings are just a few of the delicious dishes. It’s soul-infused Cajun-Caribbean comfort food.

    Uncle Mike’s gumbo is called an “everyday classic” on the menu, and is served over rice with optional sausage and shrimp.

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