Suburban Crime Log: 5-31


Bedford Township


Barbara Labo-Williams, jewelry and computers from residence in 8100 block of Summerfield.

John Jascob, laptop computer from residence in 7000 block of Jackman.

Paul Spurlin, handgun from residence in 300 block of Highlands.

Alan Salyer, jewelry and credit cards from residence in 2200 block of Temperance.


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Carl Booker, license plate from motorcycle in 8000 block of Bay.

Russell Morey, jewelry, clothes, and cell phone charger from vehicle in 3900 block of Smith.




Jerry’s Marathon, cash from cash register at gas station in 12300 block of Sylvania-Metamora.


Lake Township


Ronald Kwiatkowski, video games, cash, and video cartridges from residence in 29000 block of Owens.



Rachel Johnson, bicycle and bike chain from residence in 3600 block of Lakepointe.

United Road, Romulus, Mich., unknown person siphoned 55 gallons of diesel fuel from vehicle in 3400 block of Lathca.




Thomas Nohl, Jr., motorcycle from garage of residence in 1700 block of Parkway.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, cash from business in 1000 block of Conant.



Cheryl Taylor, bank card from residence in 1200 block of Westfield.

John Meeker, hubcaps from vehicle at home in 700 block of West Wayne.

Sam Turk, diamond engagement ring from vehicle in 1100 block of Craig.

Ronald Stachowiak, GPS unit from vehicle at home in 1500 block of Wilderness.

Michael Wright, handcuffs and OC spray from vehicle at home in 1200 block of Craig.

Judith Taboas, headphones and lug key from vehicle in 1000 block of Scribner.

Travis Sumner, car stereo from 1400 block of Wilderness.


Monclova Township


George Wenzlick, TV, DVD players, checkbooks, and medicines from residence in 5200 block of Black.

Joseph Neumeyer, cash from residence in 7400 block of Salisbury.



Charles Lutomski, cash from nursing home in 3200 block of Manley.

Dorothy Kirby, jewelry from nursing home in 3200 block of Manley.




Angela Patrino, fuse box from residence in unit block South Norden.

Katherine Sayre, unknown person broke in home in 2400 block of Eastmoreland, no loss reported.

Jeffrey Holbrook and Jami Glass, TVs and video games from residence in 3100 block of Navarre.

Alfredo Garza, unknown person broke in home in 2700 block of Pickle, no loss reported.

Charles Busdicker, bicycle from shed at residence in 2700 block of Gladhaven.



Catrina St. John, sound system from vehicle at home in 1100 block of South Wheeling.

Wyatt Pringle, 2900 block of Springtime, wallet and contents from 400 block of Mountainbrook.

Joseph Herrera, unknown person broke in home in 1900 block of Garner, loss undetermined.

Connie Palmer, vehicle from parking lot of residence in 2700 block of Pickle.

Mark Bihn, all-terrain vehicle from residence in 4600 block of Seaman.




Robert Marzola, cash from residence in 12000 block of Waterstone.

Danny Jones, Crestway, Oregon, guns from 1000 block of Birch.



Marie Walkoliak, jewelry and household items from residence in 1100 block of Sandusky.

Jacqueline Carr, cash from residence in 200 block of Manor.


Perrysburg Township


Ely Pellegrin, Euclid, Ohio, cash, identification, and bank card from 10000 block of Fremont Pike.

Andrea Schmidt Scott, video game from residence in 27000 block of Oregon.

Theresa Perry, cell phone from residence in 7700 block of Reitz.

John Distel, weed eater/​edger, rechargeable batteries, and weed eater battery charger from shed of residence in 27000 block of Oregon.


Springfield Township

Felonious assault

Lanashia McCoy, assaulted at residence in 6600 block of Dorr.



Martha Luce, purses, silverware, and sandals from storage locker in 8900 block of Airport.



John McKee, tablet computer with case and papers from vehicle in 1500 block of Henthorne.




Marcia Mullins, handicap placard from vehicle at home in 100 block of Farnstead.


Summerfield Township


Michael Blohm, handgun from residence in 2300 block of Devonshire.




Leena Hammuda, mailbox from residence in 5500 block of Bonniebrook.

Lucas County Solid Waste Management Dist., 1000 block of Matzinger, aluminum can from 7500 block of West Sylvania.

Laura Wadsworth, bicycle from residence in 6900 block of Brint.

Tunisia Thompson, Catalina, Toledo, cell phone from 5200 block of Harroun.

Elthymia Mitsopoulos, cash from residence in 5800 block of Graystone.

Lucas County Solid Waste Management Dist., 1000 block of Matzinger, aluminum cans and bottles from business in 7500 block of West Sylvania.


Sylvania Township


Richard Lake, Lambertville, prescription glasses, alarm clock, and medication from vehicle in 7400 block of West Bancroft.

Shawna Mincher, container of coins and medication from residence in 3300 block of Waldmar.


University of Toledo


Matthew Damm, 2000 block of North Towerview, bicycle from bike rack in 2800 block of West Bancroft.