Suspect arrested in arson attempt at West Toledo Masonic Complex


The man who police believe was caught on tape as he firebombed the West Toledo Masonic Complex last week is in custody.

Nathan Wietrzykowski, 25, of 651 Crowle St., was arrested about 10 a.m. Tuesday at 5510 Clover Lane, said police Sgt. Joe Heffernan. He is being held at the Lucas County jail pending a court appearance.

Police say they identified Mr. Wietrzykowski as the man in a June 2 surveillance recording showing the attempted arson at the complex, 5025 Secor Rd. Police released the video to the public June 4 in an effort to identify the suspect.

In the video, the man emerges from a vehicle and walks toward the complex. A burst of light appears, allegedly the fire. One of the suspect’s hands appears to catch fire as well.

No injuries were reported, but the incident caused about $300 damage, officials said.

Officials said a previous arson attempt occurred May 14. They did not comment on whether they believed Mr. Wietrzykowski was connected to that attempt.