Michigcan Democrats give Clinton 73 delegates


LANSING - Hillary Rodham Clinton will get the lion's share of Michigan's Democratic national convention delegates after winning the state's Jan. 15 presidential primary.

Mrs. Clinton will get 73 pledged delegates after winning 55 percent of the statewide vote, the Michigan Democratic Party said yesterday.

Another 55 delegates will be officially uncommitted to any candidate because 40 percent of the Democratic voters chose "uncommitted" on the ballot.

Because Barack Obama and John Edwards had taken their names off the ballot, many of their supporters voted for uncommitted in the hopes of winning some delegates to the national convention.

Michigan has been stripped of its delegates for moving up its primary, but party leaders expect the delegates to be seated at the national convention.

The Democratic National Committee issued a statement last evening. "Contrary to published reports, there were no delegates at stake during the Michigan primary on Jan. 15 and, accordingly, the state party has no delegates to allocate," the statement said.

The DNC is asking Michigan and Florida to consider holding another primary contest such as a caucus that meets DNC rules so their delegates can be seated at the convention.