City Council OKs zoning for Uptown rehab center


Toledo City Council voted 11-0 Tuesday in favor of zoning changes and a special-use permit that will allow Zepf Center to operate a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in a vacant nursing home.

The Zepf Center plans to buy the Liberty Nursing Center, 2005 Ashland Ave., and operate a treatment center.

Services will include behavioral health inpatient and outpatient treatment for people diagnosed with drug and alcohol dependency and mental illness and prevention programs. The nursing home, which is in the Uptown District, closed in January, 2013.

Councilman Lindsay Webb was not present.

Council also voted to approve a resolution in support of Issue 1, renewal of state capital improvements program, on the May 6 ballot; allocating up to $10,000 for homeless shelter Family House for kitchen upgrades; allocating $5,000 for Toledo/‚ÄčLucas County CareNet, and $15,000 for a mural program through Art Corner Toledo.

Council voted 11-0 to denounce the detention of Blade reporter Tyrel Linkhorn and photographer Jetta Fraser March 28 by military security outside the General Dynamics Lima tank plant. Military security personnel confiscated Ms. Fraser’s cameras and deleted pictures. Council delayed votes on a proposed Community Entertainment District for parts of downtown and the Warehouse District and a proposal from Mayor D. Michael Collins to increase the senior discount on water from 25 percent to 40 percent.