NFL picks: Will E. Wynn


(For entertainment purposes only)

Will E. can't believe it's already Week 11. But there's plenty of time left. It's gut-check time.

Will E. has his eyes set on the end zone and he's ready to dance. Undoubtedly you've seen Terrell Owens. And you've seen Chad Johnson. But you haven't seen anything till you've seen Will E. shake it down. But Will E. is a little out of practice, especially after going 2-3 last week.

So, will Will E. cut it loose in a downtown club tonight, or will he be doing the Funky Chicken in his apartment?

Cincinnati (plus-5 1/2) over Indianapolis: The Colts may not lose today in the Jungle - all facets of their game are clicking right now. But the Bengals will cover. They're 3-1 at home, and Marvin Lewis will have them ready. Bengals for 100 units.

Dallas (minus-6) over Detroit: The Lions played well last week. But last week's performance was an aberration. They're in the 'Big D' today and their lack of 'D' will be their downfall. Cowboys for 75 units.

N.Y. Giants (minus-7) over Philadelphia: No T.O. No Donovan McNabb. No chance. Eli Manning stretches the field, and the winning margin. Giants for 75 units.

Cleveland (minus-2 1/2) over Miami: At some point it really doesn't matter if it's Trent Dilfer or Trent Reznor under center. So, why not start Charlie Frye? It's a rare treat for the Browns to be favored, so Will E. is going to sit back and enjoy a Dawg bone - hey, that's all he can afford with the way his luck has been going. Browns for 75 units.

Denver (minus-13) over N.Y Jets: As confident as Will E. is that the Giants will win, he's that sure the Jets won't. Plus Will E. is envious of Jake Plummer's beard. Broncos for 150 units.

Last week: 2-3; minus-125 units

Season: 18-25-1

Unit total: Started with 500 units; minus-625 units