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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant Inspections: 1-7


Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Park Inn Toledo, 101 N. Summit, inspected Dec. 18. Under-counter cooler on the cook line holding at 55 degrees. Discard food requiring temperature control to prevent bacteria growth. Adjust or service cooler to hold at 41 degrees or below. The cooler door was not closing properly. Monitor temperatures closely. Do not store food inside this cooler until the proper temperature is maintained. To be rechecked Dec. 20. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Rescue Mental Health, 3350 Collingwood, inspected Dec. 5. Food (wrap) at 50 degrees. Food must be held below 41 degrees (food catered by Club 300). Inspector: Nathan Fries.

Rosary Cathedral School, 2535 Collingwood, inspect Dec. 5. Food cold holding about 41 degrees. Food should be held below 41 degrees to prevent bacteria growth. Wipe bucket concentration 200 ppm bleach. Bleach concentration should be 50 to 100 ppm to prevent chemical contamination. Inspector: Fries.

Tim Hortons, 3125 Glendale, inspected Dec. 10. No wipe cloth sanitizer bucket set up. This is a must during work day for food-contact surfaces. Obtain heat strips for dishwasher. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Panera Bread, 3043 Glendale, inspected Dec. 10. Water marks on west side of front walk-in cooler (near dish washer). Eliminate leak. Protect any and all food items from leaks. Inspector: Brady.

Old West End Day Care, 2700 Monroe, inspected Dec. 10. Cleaning supplies stored above food in dry stock area. Chemicals should be stored below food to prevent contamination. Corrected. Inspector: Fries.

Auburn Market, 2367 Auburn, inspected Dec. 10. Facility lacks hot water. Repair water heater so that hot water can be provided for proper hand washing and utensil cleaning. No sanitizer test kit available. Provide a chlorine (white test papers) sanitizer test kit to check the concentration of chlorine sanitizer available. Chlorine bleach should test at 50 ppm. Repeat violation. No food thermometer available to check food temperature. Provide a metal steam food thermometer that reads from 0-220 degrees and can be calibrated. Calibrate the food thermometer by placing it in a glass of ice with a small amount of water. If the thermometer does not read 32 degrees while in the ice water turn calibration knob to 32 degrees. Repeat violation. Hood and filters have buildup on them. Thoroughly clean and maintain both the hood and filters. Place on a regular cleaning schedule. Repeat violation. Heavy grease buildup inside three-bay sink, hand sink, and freezer in the back. Place on regular cleaning schedules. Repeat violation. Inspector: Fries.

McDonald’s, 1401 Arrowhead, Maumee, inspected Dec. 10. Breakfast burritos being held by time in lieu of temperature as a public health control without proper labeling of discard time on the product. To utilize this procedure, written procedures shall be prepared in advance, maintained in the food service operation, and made available for review upon request. The product must be clearly marked with a discard time. Discard unlabeled product. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

Central Market, 330 W. Central, inspected Dec. 10. Raw bacon stored above ready-to-eat food. Raw meats should be stored below ready-to-eat food to prevent cross contamination. Corrected. Bulk chicken wings being sold without any labels or nutritional information on them. Products need to have proper nutritional information and content label on packages. Sandwiches being sold without date mark. Foods need to have a seven-day discard date marked on them. Inspector: Fries.

Community Variety, 2165 Ashland, inspected Dec. 10. Food holding at 45 degrees in the yellow cooler. Food should be held below 41 degrees to prevent bacterial growth. Cracked tiles throughout kitchen. Floors need to be smooth and easily cleanable to prevent buildup in the cracks. Replace all cracked and missing titles. Hand sink has been turned off. Winterize pipes so that sink can be used in the winter for proper hand washing at the grill. Wipe bucket at 200 ppm bleach. Reduce concentration of wipe bucket to 50 to 100 ppm to prevent chemical contamination. Inspector: Fries.

Jimmy’s at Reno Beach, 11407 Corduroy, Curtice, inspected Dec. 11. Food without date marking: sloppy joes, chili sauce. Food must be date marked once cooked or package opened, and discarded after seven days to limit bacteria growth. Day prepared or package opened counts as Day 1. Spray bottle without label. Label working spray bottles with contents’ common names for proper identification. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

Burger Bar, 4400 Heatherdowns, inspected Dec. 11. Drawer prep top cooler at 53 degrees. Must be 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacterial growth. Will recheck Dec. 12. Salad prep temperature is 45 degrees. Must be 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacterial growth. Install hand sink near dish machine. Inspector: Brady.

Jets Pizza, 4733 Glendale, inspected Dec. 11. No sanitizer test strips available. This is a must. (100 ppm chlorine). Inspector: Brady.

Mike’s Place, 3170 Cherry, inspected Dec. 10. Deli meats not date marked. Make sure to date all food when opened. Inspector: Fries.

Subway, 4870 N. Summit, inspected Dec. 11. Open can of pop stored on a work surface in the back prep area. Employee beverages must have lids and be stored to protect food and clean items/surfaces from contamination. Repeat violation. Corrected. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Save-A-Lot, 657 Manhattan, inspected Dec. 11. A bag of meat trays stored below chemicals in the back storage area. Designate an area for chemicals below or away from food and food contact items. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.

Monroe Pharmacy, 4122 Monroe, inspected Dec. 7. Reach-in cooler holding food above 41 degrees. Food must be 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Adjust cooler accordingly. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Subway, 4011 Monroe, inspected Dec. 7. Two unlabeled chemical spray bottles. Label spray bottles with contents’ common names to prevent cross contamination. Did not detect any quat sanitizer in the bucket set-up. Maintain quat sanitizer at 200 ppm to properly sanitize food contact surfaces. Corrected. Inspector: Wilke.

The Original Gino’s Pizza, 449 W. Dussel, Maumee, inspected Dec. 18. Cold water handle missing from kitchen hand sink. To facilitate good hand-washing practices, a hot and cold water supply must be available for the hand sinks. Contact a licensed plumber to repair the sink immediately. Food being held improperly on ice at the buffet line at a temperature of 63 to 64 degrees. Food held cold must maintain an internal temperature of 41 degrees or below. Products being held by external icing must be completely submerged in the ice bath to the level of food intended to be held cold to effectively hold at the proper temperature. Out-of-temperature foods voluntarily discarded. Using small cups as utensils to scoop food ingredients. To prevent contamination from bare-hand contact, utilize scoops or utensils with handles. Store utensils with handles out of food product. Inspector: Bauman.

Save-A-Lot, 1703 Airport, inspected Dec. 17. Quat sanitizer at above 400 ppm in sanitizer sprayer in meat room. Quat sanitizer needs to be at 200 ppm to properly sanitize food-contact surfaces. Adjust quat concentration at sprayer dispenser to maintain 200 ppm. Inspector: Kurt Susdorf.

Pizza Hut, 1654 Ralston, inspected Dec. 18. Employee belongings (beverages, food) on shelf with facility’s food in walk-in cooler. Employee belongings need to be stored in a designated area away from facility’s food to prevent cross contamination. Designate employee area on bottom shelf away from food. Inspector: Susdorf.

Woodlands at Sunset House, 4030 Indian, inspected Dec. 18. Open turkey loaf date marked with a prep date of 12/10. Once opened, food may be held a maximum of seven days, including the day it was opened, if held at 41 degrees or lower. Turkey was discarded. Inspector: Susdorf.

The Darlington Nursing & Rehab Center, 2735 Darling, inspected Dec. 18. Quat sanitizer in bucket low at 100 ppm. Maintain quat sanitizer at 200 ppm to safely sanitize food-contact surfaces. Corrected. Inspector: Wilke.

Magic Wok, 6829 Airport, Holland, inspected Dec. 17. The walk-in cooler is holding food at 45 degrees. Potentially hazardous food must cold hold at 41 degrees or less at all times to prevent the growth of bacteria in food. The repairman was called, and the unit should be repaired today. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Rudy’s Hot Dog, 7170 Orchard Centre, Holland, inspected Dec. 18. Bottles labeled "Comet Cleaner with Bleach" found to be holding several different chemicals. These bottles come to the facility empty and pre-labeled to be filled with the bulk chemical on the label. Additionally, bulk-chemical container holding the purple liquid is unlabeled. Chemical bottles must be labeled with correct contents to prevent any contamination from mistakes. Inspector: Becker.

Ohio Link Corrections & Treatment, 2012 Madison, inspected Dec. 13. Chicken salad without date mark. Food should be marked with a seven-day discard date to prevent bacterial growth. Removed. Inspector: Fries.

Heartland Holly Glen, 4293 Monroe, inspected Dec. 17. Found coffee dumped into upstairs hand sink and it currently is not draining properly. Hand sinks are strictly for washing hands and must drain correctly to allow for frequent and proper hand washing. Never dump anything into the hand sink. Call a licensed plumber to unclog the drain. Quat sanitizer is dispensing low at 100 ppm in the three-bay sink. Contact Ecolab to recalibrate the dispenser to maintain quat concentration at 200 ppm. Inspector: Wilke.

Oriental Garden Restaurant, 745 S. Wheeling, Oregon, inspected Dec. 17. Spray bottle without label. Label spray bottles with common name of contents for proper identification and to prevent possible contamination. Inspector: Tester.

United Auto Workers Local 12, 2300 Ashland, inspected Dec. 12. Wipe cloth resting out of wipe bucket. Wipe cloths should be stored in bucket with sanitizer when not in use to prevent bacterial growth. Inspector: Fries.

Save-A-Lot, 3030 Monroe, inspected Dec. 12. Food in dairy display case (yogurt, feta), small meat chest cooler (steak) and dairy walk-in (milk) holding above 41 degrees. Foods need to be held cold at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Service coolers. Ground meats stored above whole meats and raw meats stored above ready-to-eat food. Whole meats should be stored above ground meats. Raw meats need to be stored below ready-to-eat food. Whole meats should be stored above ground meats to prevent cross contamination. Glass cleaner hung on rack above milk in dairy cooler. Chemicals should be stored below food to prevent contamination. Inspector: Fries.

Rally’s, 5855 W. Central, inspected Dec. 17. Cheese sauce is 106 degrees and chili is 110 degrees in the steam table. Food must be held hot at 135 degrees or higher to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Manager stated that the steam table was not properly pre-heated before food were put into it. Always pre-heat the steam table to ensure proper holding temperature. Food were reheated on the grill to 165 degrees. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

J-Cups Pizza, 5406 N. Summit, inspected Dec. 17. Bottled water and box of paper plates stored in the employee bathroom. Food, beverage, and food-contact items are never to be stored in the bathroom. Food, beverage, and food-contact items must be stored in a clean and dry area at least six inches off the floor. Repeat violation. Inspector: Stanley.

Sam’s Deli, 812 Matzinger, inspected Dec. 18. Raw chicken thawing on the drain board of the three-bay sink. To limit bacteria growth, food may be thawed only under the following conditions: under refrigeration, completely submerged under constant running cold water in the prep sink, in the microwave only if cooking immediately, and cook from frozen. Food items may never thaw at room temperature. Do not use the three-bay sink for food prep or procedures. The three-bay sink may be used only for ware washing. Use the prep sink for food preparation. Corrected. Gyro meat cooling at room temperature next to the grill. To limit bacteria growth, foods must be cooled rapidly. Once the product reaches 135 degrees, an active cooling procedure must begin: two hours to get from 135 to 70 degrees, then additional four hours to reach 41 degrees or lower. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.

Erie Food Market, 727 Galena, inspected Dec. 18. Facility cutting produce without a prep sink with a two-inch air gap to the plumbing for back flow prevention. Facility is not approved to process any produce. Repeat violation. Improper storage of raw meats in the meat self-service case, example raw sausage, raw beef, and bacon stored above hams. To prevent cross contamination, store all raw meats and shell eggs below other food items, then continue to store raw meats according to the required cooking temperatures. Repeat violation. Several open deli meat loaves without dates. To limit bacteria growth, ready-to-eat food items kept longer than 24 hours after preparation or opening require a date mark. Hold at 41 degrees or lower for seven-day hold time. Day 1 is the day the product was cooked, prepared, opened, etc. Portioned salads, kielbasa, breaded/seasoned chicken wings and chicken chunks, etc. in self-service cases without ingredient labels. Multi-ingredient food items in the self service cases must have ingredient labels. Repeat violation. Ground chuck and chicken items in the meat self service case without the species identified. Labels must include the species. Repeat violation. Ice bagged in the store without labeling. Ice bags must be labeled with the name and place of packer. Repeat violation. Wipe cloth bucket verified at 400 ppm quat. To properly sanitize with the product this facility is using, the concentration must be 200 ppm. Deli hand sink faucet broken, preventing the use of hot water. Repair the faucet immediately. Equipment must be maintained in proper working order. Hot water at a minimum of 100 degrees is required at the hand sink. Inspector: Stanley.

Schmucker’s Restaurant, Inc., 2103 N. Reynolds, inspected Dec. 18. Heavy buildup and food debris on floor under dish machine by drain. This area can attract pests. Clean area frequently to prevent buildup and pest attraction. Inspector: Susdorf.

Showcase Cinemas Fallen Timbers, 2300 Village West, Maumee, inspected Dec. 10. Prep-top cooler and one-door under-counter cooler not holding proper temperature. The units are holding around 75 degrees, but are empty of food. Cold holding equipment must be able to cold hold food at 41 degrees or lower. Have the units service/repaired immediately. Inspector: Becker.

Aldi Inc., 5539 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected Dec. 18. Raw bacon stocked over hot dogs in the cooler. Stock hot dogs above bacon to prevent cross contamination. When stocking the coolers, follow proper food storage order: raw ground sausage on the bottom, bacon above ground sausage, then hot dogs or other cooked items. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Stranahan Elementary School, 3840 Holland-Sylvania, inspected Dec. 18. Food-prep sink has a direct connection to the sewer line. It appears to have new plumbing under this sink. Food-prep sink must have a 2-inch indirect connection to the sewer line. Correct the plumbing to create a proper air gap. Quat sanitizer tested at 0 ppm in the wiping cloth bucket. The sanitizer solution was empty in the dispenser, and it was changed. Quat sanitizer was retested and it had a concentration of 200 ppm. Use quat test kit to check the concentration of sanitizer prior to use. Change as needed. Corrected. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Sylvania Tam-O-Shanter Inc., Snack Bar, 7060 Sylvania, Sylvania, inspected Dec. 18. Hot dogs stored in the Coke cooler. Food must be stored in the True NSF approved one-door cooler. The Coke cooler is approved for beverages only. No date labeling on open hot dogs. Once a package of hot dogs is open, it must be date labeled. There is a seven-day discard date on open time/temperature control for safety food items, with the day the food is opened/prepared as Day 1. Unlabeled spray bottle observed. Chemical spray bottles must be properly labeled to allow employees to know contents. Label spray bottle and store away from food and food-contact items. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Sonic Drive In, 3225 Secor, inspected Dec. 18. Liquid egg mixture is 52 degrees inside the reach-in cooler, while other foods in this cooler are holding at proper temperature of 41 degrees or below. Liquid eggs are a food and must be held cold under refrigeration at 41 degrees or lower. Liquid egg was discarded. Dirty dishes stored in the food-prep sink. This sink may be used only for food preparation, no other purpose. Do not store any items in this sink as it must remain clean and sanitary for food preparation. Inspector: Sattler.

Wishbone Fried Chicken, 3636 Upton, inspected Dec. 19. To-go containers in bulk food items. Scoops must have a handle and be stored with the handle up to minimize food-to-hand contact. Uncovered foods found in coolers and freezers. Food in coolers and freezers must be covered to prevent cross-contamination. Chicken stored above pork in reach-in cooler. Chicken must always be stored on bottom shelf to prevent cross contamination. Facility reusing styene foam containers previously used for raw chicken. Do not reuse any items that previously held chicken. Styrene foam containers can harbor bacteria. Wet rags sitting out on counter with no sanitizer wipe bucket set up. Wet rags must be stored between uses in a sanitizer bucket with 50 to 100 pm bleach or 200 ppm quat. Make sure there is always a sanitizer bucket present to prevent cross contamination and bacteria growth. Facility uses chlorine sanitizer. Use one fourth capful of bleach with bucket to get correct concentration of 100 ppm. Use test strips to confirm concentration. Prepared time and temperature controlled for safety food items in the cooler without dates. Open and prepared food must be dated with date made and discard date. There is a seven-day discard date for open and prepared food items. The date made/opened is Day One. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Brighter Horizons Child Development Center, 1501 South Cove, inspected Dec. 19. Hand sink in kitchen with no hand towels. Hand sinks must be fully stocked with warm running water (100 degrees), soap, and hand towels. Hand sink in kitchen is to be utilized. Bleach in three-bay sink above 400 ppm. When using bleach the concentration must be between 50 to 100 ppm to prevent chemical poisoning/chemical residue. Use test strips to verify concentration. Corrected. Inspector: Seger.


Recently inspected restaurants with no violations:

Ida’s Catering LLC, 4425 Bennett.

In & Out, 1619 Sylvania.

Deli Spot, 1130 W. Bancroft.

Papa John’s Pizza, 3231 Dorr.

Something Special Learning Center, 8251 Waterville Swanton, Waterville.

Kentucky Fried Chicken/Long John Silver’s, 7152 Orchard Centre, Holland.

Kahler Pharmacy, 1941 Airport.

Residence Inn, 1370 Arrowhead, Maumee.

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