Ohio air show returns year after fatal crash involving pilot, wing-walker


FILE - In this Saturday, June 22, 2013, file photo, flames erupt from a plane after it crashed at the Vectren Air Show at the airport in Dayton, Ohio, killing the pilot and stunt walker on the plane. The airport will add a third fire truck to the two smaller trucks traditionally stationed at the annual show that starts June 28, 2014. (AP Photo/Dayton Daily News, Ty Greenlees, File)


DAYTON — A resurgence in attendance is expected for this weekend’s annual Dayton air show, a year after a fiery crash claimed two performers in a show that was missing military participation.

The Navy’s Blue Angels headline this year’s Vectren Air Show. Federal budget cutbacks forced military acts to cancel last year.

The show has additional fire crews and equipment this year, after a pilot and wing-walker died in a crash in front of thousands of stunned spectators.

The effects of the military absence and fatal crash on the show’s first day resulted in attendance less than half of the typical 70,000 fans.

Federal safety investigators haven’t released a final report on the crash that killed veteran wing-walker Jane Wicker and pilot Charlie Schwenker.

No wing walkers are scheduled this year.