End Zone: Toledo 11-1


Let's entertain a hypothetical scenario involving Austin Dantin. Based on everything we know of the quarterback, he is a consummate teammate who has remained positive during an agonizing senior season. What if the opposite was true? What might have become of this 8-1 season if Dantin was a disruptive force, a malcontent who acted indignantly over his demotion?

"I think it would be huge," coach Matt Campbell surmises.

Campbell has maintained Toledo "will need Austin Dantin somewhere down the line." Short of an injury to Terrance Owens, Dantin's greatest impact going forward seems to be limited to his representation at the pregame coin toss and his small advisory role to Owens. Trailing 14-7 at halftime last Saturday, and with his offense having gone seven straight quarters without a touchdown, Campbell said he gave no thought to making a change at quarterback.

Whereas a myopic individual might have behaved selfishly and threatened to divide the locker room, Dantin has handled the past two months with maturity. His legacy will largely be tied to the contributions he made his first three years in rescuing a wallowing program. It would be an injustice, though, to overlook the impact he made when no one was watching.

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