Friday, July 03, 2015
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New Puerto Rico agencies to buy TRANs amid economic crisis
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) -- Puerto Rico's governor signed a bill late Friday that allows certain public agencies to buy up to $400 million in tax and revenue anticipation notes as the government of the U.S. territory seeks more cash amid a worsening economic crisis.... 7/3/2015 11:03 PM

Mexico City proposes regulations for Uber
MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Mexico City is proposing regulations that would allow Uber and other smartphone-based ride-sharing apps to operate, while requiring drivers and cars to be registered, the city's Office of Legal and Legislative Studies said Friday.... 7/3/2015 11:00 PM

Greek campaigns, neck and neck, reach dramatic finale
ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- Greeks packed city squares for dueling rallies late into the night Friday, as polls showed a dead heat between the `yes' and `no' camps ahead of a bailout referendum Sunday that could be Greece's most important vote since it joined the European Union.... 7/3/2015 10:27 PM

UN says children being killed in Burundi's violence
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- Children are suffering as a result of instability and election-related violence in Burundi including three killed in the last five days and dozens forced to flee from school, the U.N. children's agency said Friday.... 7/3/2015 10:16 PM

Iran to US: Nuke deal could result in joint cooperation
VIENNA (AP) -- In a message to Washington, Iran's foreign minister on Friday called for an end to "coercion and pressure" at the nuclear talks, suggesting a deal acceptable to his country will open the door to cooperation on fighting the upsurge of Middle East extremism threatening both nations' interests.... 7/3/2015 10:15 PM

Mexico set to free founder of Michoacan vigilante movement
MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Mexican authorities say they are near to freeing Jose Manuel Mireles, a founder of the self-defense movement that rose up to fight an entrenched drug cartel in the western state of Michoacan.... 7/3/2015 9:09 PM

Egypt marks 2nd anniversary of Islamist ouster with mourning
CAIRO (AP) -- Two years to the day after the army overthrew Egypt's Islamist president, the sounds coming from the mosque at Cairo's Tahrir Square were sadly telling. At the focal point of Egypt's upheavals, where authorities had hoped to stage celebrations, there was instead a prayer for the week's dead, including soldiers cut down by militants in Sinai and the country's chief prosecutor, assassinated by car bomb in the capital.... 7/3/2015 8:57 PM

French president talks Boko Haram in Cameroon
YAOUNDE, Cameroon (AP) -- French President Francois Hollande promised intensified military cooperation with Cameroon in the fight against Boko Haram during a visit to the West African country on Friday.... 7/3/2015 8:46 PM

El Salvador's 677 murders in June most since civil war
SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (AP) -- The month of June saw 677 murders in El Salvador, more than in any other single month since the end of the country's civil war.... 7/3/2015 8:37 PM

UN leader offers assistance in Guyana-Venezuela dispute
BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (AP) -- U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday offered assistance to resolve an escalating border dispute between Guyana and Venezuela.... 7/3/2015 8:05 PM

UN rights body backs call for accountability in Gaza war
BERLIN (AP) -- The U.N.'s top human rights body backed calls Friday for accountability in last year's conflict in Gaza, in which hundreds of Palestinian civilians and six Israeli civilians were killed.... 7/3/2015 8:03 PM

Stolen border crossing cards recovered in Mexico
MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Mexican officials say they've recovered nearly 10,000 stolen border crossing cards meant to permit entry into the U.S. from Mexico.... 7/3/2015 8:01 PM

Russia mulls new selective sanctions against Western nations
MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia will consider new selective retaliatory measures against some specific Western countries, the nation's security chief said Friday, pointing at Finland as a possible target.... 7/3/2015 7:50 PM

The Latest: Greek PM urges voters to ignore scaremongers
ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- The latest news on Greece's financial woes and its upcoming referendum on Sunday (all times local):... 7/3/2015 7:49 PM

Cuba confirms defection of 2 baseball players during US trip
HAVANA (AP) -- Two Cuban baseball players have defected while in the United States for a series of games against U.S. collegians, the island's official sports media confirmed.... 7/3/2015 7:31 PM

Pope to Christians: Put aside divisions amid persecution
VATICAN CITY (AP) -- Pope Francis appealed on Friday to faithful from all Christian churches to put divisions aside and concentrate on what unites them amid the persecution and slaying of Christians in parts of the world.... 7/3/2015 7:18 PM

IS says it destroyed archaeological pieces from Palmyra
BEIRUT (AP) -- Islamic State group militants have destroyed six archaeological pieces from the historic town of Palmyra that were confiscated from a smuggler, the group said.... 7/3/2015 7:01 PM

Colombian man dies by euthanasia with government backing
BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) -- A 79-year old man suffering from incurable throat cancer has become the first Colombian to die by euthanasia with the full backing of the government.... 7/3/2015 7:00 PM

Colombia president says rebels likely carried out bombings
BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) -- President Juan Manuel Santos said Friday that Colombia's second-largest rebel group is likely to blame for two bomb blasts in the capital that wounded 10 and rattled city residents who have become unaccustomed in recent years to such acts of violence.... 7/3/2015 6:46 PM

All-Star likes what he sees of pioneering girl at MLB camp
PARIS (AP) -- As a two-time All-Star, Steve Finley knows more than most what it takes to shine in Major League Baseball. So having run his expert eyes over the sport's pioneering 16-year-old girl at a training camp this week, can he hazard a guess at whether she'll go on to become MLB's first female player?... 7/3/2015 6:46 PM

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