Sunday, March 01, 2015
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Israel's Netanyahu heads to Washington for Congress speech
BEN-GURION AIRPORT, Israel (AP) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu headed to Washington on Sunday to press his case against an emerging deal on Iran's nuclear program in a contentious address to the U.S. Congress, which he said he is delivering out of concern for Israel's security.... 3/1/2015 1:04 PM

Sierra Leone's vice president in quarantine for Ebola
FREETOWN, Sierra Leone (AP) -- Sierra Leone's vice president has put himself in quarantine following the death from Ebola of one of his security guards.... 3/1/2015 1:03 PM

Widow of murdered spy blames Russian govt for new killing
LONDON (AP) -- The widow of murdered Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko thinks the Russian government may have been involved in the murder of leading opposition figure Boris Nemtsov.... 3/1/2015 12:35 PM

India's ruling party forms coalition government in Kashmir
SRINAGAR, India (AP) -- India's ruling Hindu nationalist party formed a coalition government in Kashmir on Sunday, marking the first time it will hold a leadership position in the disputed Muslim-majority region.... 3/1/2015 12:27 PM

Migrants flock to EU door along Serbia's border with Hungary
ALONG THE SERBIA-HUNGARY BORDER (AP) -- Exhausted, hungry and cold, they have been walking for miles. What little they have is carried in plastic bags. They camp in abandoned homes, followed by stray dogs hoping to snag a morsel.... 3/1/2015 12:27 PM

Palestinian activist: boycott of Israeli products begins
RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) -- A Palestinian activist says 80 percent of West Bank shops no longer carry products from six major Israel food companies, as a boycott takes hold.... 3/1/2015 12:17 PM

Pope to Venezuelans: work together for common good, dialogue
VATICAN CITY (AP) -- Pope Francis is urging Venezuelans to pull together for the common good of their nation after the fatal shooting of a 14-year-old boy during an anti-government protest.... 3/1/2015 12:13 PM

New plane tracking to be tested after Malaysia jet mystery
SYDNEY (AP) -- Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia will lead a trial of an enhanced method of tracking aircraft over remote oceans to allow planes to be more easily found should they vanish like Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Australia's transport minister said Sunday.... 3/1/2015 12:04 PM

Thousands to march in Moscow to mourn slain Boris Nemtsov
MOSCOW (AP) -- Thousands were converging Sunday in central Moscow to mourn veteran liberal politician Boris Nemtsov, whose killing on the streets of the capital has shaken Russia's beleaguered opposition.... 3/1/2015 12:02 PM

Emirates refers case of mall stabbing suspect to top court
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- The United Arab Emirates attorney general says the case of a woman accused of stabbing an American teacher to death in an Abu Dhabi mall restroom has been referred to the country's Federal Supreme Court, where she will face multiple charges, including for terrorism-related offenses.... 3/1/2015 11:49 AM

Myanmar captures rare white elephant in western jungles
YANGON, Myanmar (AP) -- Myanmar's forestry department has captured a rare white elephant in the jungles of the country's western Ayeyarwaddy region, an official said Sunday.... 3/1/2015 11:45 AM

Pope prays with thousands for kidnap victims in Syria, Iraq
VATICAN CITY (AP) -- Pope Francis has led tens of thousands of people in prayer in St. Peter's Square for Christians and others who have been kidnapped or are victims of other `'intolerable brutality" in Syria and Iraq.... 3/1/2015 11:40 AM

First Iran flight arrives in rebel-held Yemeni capital
SANAA, Yemen (AP) -- The first direct flight from Iran to the rebel-held Yemeni capital has arrived, as the country's Shiite rebels formalize ties with the regional Shiite powerhouse.... 3/1/2015 11:29 AM

Hong Kong rally against Chinese shoppers turns chaotic
HONG KONG (AP) -- Hong Kong police used pepper spray Sunday to break up scuffles between protesters demonstrating against mainland Chinese shoppers and villagers from a border town.... 3/1/2015 11:02 AM

Estonians vote in parliamentary election amid security fears
TALLINN, Estonia (AP) -- Estonians are voting for a new Parliament in an election dominated by economic issues and security concerns due to Russia's intervention in Ukraine.... 3/1/2015 10:36 AM

Egypt court declares part of election law unconstitutional
CAIRO (AP) -- An Egyptian court on Sunday ruled as unconstitutional a clause in the election law that draws voting districts, a verdict that is almost certain to delay parliamentary elections scheduled to start later this month.... 3/1/2015 10:30 AM

Small SUVs, pricey sports cars dominate at Geneva auto show
FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) -- Small SUVs for families and powerful sports cars for the rich are the big things this year at the Geneva International Motor Show this year. Environmentally correct electrics and hybrids, not so much - thanks to cheaper gas and limits on battery life.... 3/1/2015 10:22 AM

Kurdish rebels say Turkey must take steps toward peace
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) -- Kurdish rebels have rejected a call for them to lay down their arms, saying Turkey's government must first take steps to advance democracy and withdraw a controversial security bill being debated in Parliament.... 3/1/2015 10:13 AM

Syria agrees to UN fact-finding mission in Aleppo
DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) -- Syria's state news agency says the government and the U.N. special envoy have agreed to send a fact-finding mission to the contested northern city of Aleppo.... 3/1/2015 9:39 AM

Prince William gets close look at tsunami disaster in Japan
ISHINOMAKI, Japan (AP) -- Britain's Prince William stood atop a hill in northeastern Japan on Sunday, and stretched below him was barren land known as the "Bay of Destruction," which was swept by a tsunami four years ago.... 3/1/2015 9:17 AM

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