ProMedica, MCO plan more talks


No breakthroughs resulted from yesterday's meeting between the leaders of Medical College of Ohio and ProMedica Health System on a return of MCO students and medical residents to ProMedica facilities.

But representatives for each side characterized the meeting as positive and said they plan on meeting again.

“We at least have the basis to continue discussions,” said MCO president Frank McCullough, the MCO president. “I don't think there's any expectation ... that there will be a dramatic breakthrough anytime soon.”

Thirty-four MCO medical residents and about 270 medical students had to stop training at ProMedica facilities in 1999 when ProMedica ended its academic affiliation with MCO.

Dr. McCullough said he and Alan Brass, chief executive officer of ProMedica, will meet again in three or four weeks. It could be months, or next year, before the two sides might reach an agreement, he said.

“What likely will ensue will be periodic meetings between the two of us,” Dr. McCullough said.

Tim Langhorst, ProMedica spokesman, concurred that the talks will continue.