Ex-Findlay mayor pursues 1st Ward city council post


FINDLAY - Former Findlay Mayor John Sausser is running for 1st Ward councilman even though he may soon find himself living in the 3rd Ward.

A committee appointed to re-draw ward boundaries in the city based on 2000 census results plans to recommend moving several precincts into different wards, including the one where Mr. Sausser lives.

Mr. Sausser is challenging 1st Ward Councilman G. Max Miles for the council seat.

Jody O'Brien, director of the Hancock County board of elections, said that if Mr. Sausser is elected Nov. 6, he can serve out his two-year term as 1st Ward councilman. He would have to run for re-election in the 3rd Ward in 2003, though.