Berkey: Four seats vacant, no candidates


Four of Berkey's six council seats are up for election next month, but no one is a candidate for any of them, according to the Lucas County Board of Elections.

Shirley Laux, a council member in the village and former clerk, said it's not unusual, at least for their not to be a full slate of candidates.

"Usually some do petitions, but others do it the lazy way," she said.

The lazy way is for the mayor to appoint people to vacancies which will obviously occur when no one is elected to a vacant council seat.

Ms. Laux said it seems that most residents of the Richfield Township village think it is being run well, "and they like things as they are."

She noted, however, that the possibility of a line being extended for water service from Toledo is likely to change the nature of the village in the future.

Because there has been interest shown at council meetings and other gatherings on the issue, Ms. Laux said she isn't sure why no one is going to be on the ballot running for council.

Normally the mayor, Barbara Huff, appoints incumbent council members, according to Ms. Laux, who usually accepts them.