Singing Fast, Too...



11 AM

OK, it s official: This must be what all women in America are talking about.

I just received my 100,000 e-mail from one of my women friends, alerting me to this YouTube video. This has been around for awhile now (didn t Good Morning America even do a bit on this several weeks ago, if memory serves .?), but I figure if every gyno-American in my circle of acquaintance is sending out the link to every other gyno-American in her circle of acquaintance, well

BTW, one last point: I made my 17-year-old daughter watch this a few weeks ago. She did not so much as crack a smile, the humorless prig Or, as she put it: Hey, no offense, OK? I mean, I m sure this is very amusing to people in your age bracket. But me? Not so much.

Kids. Harrumph. Must be terrible to suffer from an under-ripe sense of humor.