Maple and Main Art Fair a success, council told


At last week’s Sylvania City Council meeting, the Sylvania Community Arts Commission reported on the success of the first-ever Maple and Main Art Fair in June. The event was a gala to honor local artist Walter Chapman.

Kate Conway, the commission’s vice president of arts education, said the event was a success. 

“We had eight music acts, 45 artists that were all juried.... Without a shadow of a doubt, we feel very strongly that this was a source of economic development for Sylvania,” Ms. Conway said. “Downtown merchants experienced increased business.”

Food sales were “great,” she said, and the event went smoothly, although a few downtown businesses were nervous beforehand. 

“We had a little bit of pushback from some of the businesses downtown. After the event, that was changed,” she said.

The commission partnered with the Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce for the event. Ms. Conway said the goal for next year’s festival is to have 75 artists and to add more food options.

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