End Zone: BGSU 9/20


One of the biggest disappointments from the Toledo contest for BG coach Dave Clawson was that he felt his team wasn't rewarded for a great week of preparation to play its archrivals.

"We had a great week of practice, a great week of meetings," he said. "Practice intensity was great. In walk-throughs and meetings guys were on point. I probably was as confident as any game since I've been here because our guys did everything right."

Well, as my parents told me long ago, life isn't always fair. You don't always get what you deserve -- in a good way, at least. Even good practice and good preparation doesn't always result in a good performance.

So what do good football teams do? Practice well, play, repeat. What else can you do?

By all accounts the Falcons have put together another good set of practices this week. Although the odds-makers think they won't be rewarded when they play at Virginia Tech, the Falcons need to carry that type of high-quality preparation through the rest of the season.

Human nature says it will be hard for the Falcons to continue to practice and prepare well if there are no rewards. If this team continue these "practices," it still stands a good chance of being rewarded at season's end.

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