Thursday, December 25, 2014
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Merry Christmas 2014

Woman finds her way through faith, compassion
Meet LaVette Miller. She’s a wise-crackin’, straight-shootin’ North Toledoan who — according to homeless advocate Ken Leslie — embodies the Christmas spirit in an unconventional way. Ms. Miller, 45, shares something with the Tiny Tims of the world: She works hard at helping others while scratching out a living for herself.

Painter finds inspiration in youth
Grand Rapids gallery features work of Fremont artist.
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When the battlefield fell silent
WWI combatants called Christmas truce 100 years ago.

Agency’s kindness provides gifts
Single mom was homeless, on drugs one year ago.

Bill of Fare: J & G Pizza Palace
Sylvania spot excels with no-fuss pizza.

1984 UT bowl win still debated
UT, UNLV lay claim while trophy still missing.

An appeal to our readers
Message from Publisher and Editor-In-Chief John Robinson Block.


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Streaming release of 'Interview' a test
Debuting movie in theaters, online at same time a new move for industry.
12 minutes ago

Bear in Phoenix area finally wrangled
Black bear had been spotted twice this week in city’s suburb of Mesa.
20 minutes ago

Kayaker rescued from Mass. pond
Man may have tried to to leave Charlie Brown cutout on raft with Christmas tree.
45 minutes ago

Father of pilot pleads for release
Jordanian pilot captured by Islamic State militants in Syria.
1 hour ago

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Keith Burris
The festival of light, birth
For those of us of a certain age, the holiday is full of memories.
Blurbs From The 'Burg
Lighting up Perrysburg
Request for reader photos of their displays.
Keith Burris
Self-sacrifice routine for modern cop
All Americans grieve when police officers are killed.
Mary Bilyeu
The 12 Days of Christmas meal
It would cost $27,673.22 to buy all of the gifts mentioned in the song.
Ripple Effect
Debates emerge over pipeline
Concerns raised about property values and safety.
Matt Markey
Disease threat prompts order to destroy herd
Owner of Ohio hunting preserve learns his deer will be euthanized.
S. Amjad Hussain
A bittersweet walk down memory lane
Sad to see that a once-enchanting place was crumbling and dilapidated. .

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Holiday-season acts of kindness offer reminders that far more unites Toledoans than divides us.

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