Sunday, December 21, 2014
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Invasive snail population grows in the Great Lakes
With the focus on Asian carp in recent years, some Great Lakes researchers fear the scientific community is losing sight of much smaller invaders from other continents that also pack a big punch. One in particular is the tiny faucet snail. A native of Europe, it has parasites that kill waterfowl such as ducks, scaup, and coots, the latter of which is a bird that Toledoans and others across North America affectionately call the mud hen.

An appeal to our readers
Message from Publisher and Editor-In-Chief John Robinson Block.

Find Cutie
Find Cutie, the little dog with a big heart, hiding amongst Toledo notables.

Metzger’s Mom Squad whips up cheer
Bake sale sweetens holidays for 3 families.

Bowling Green beats South Alabama 33-28
Falcons get late score to win the Camellia Bowl.

Drone finds explosives in Iraq, Afghanistan
UT graduate lessens degree of danger in global U.S. hot spots.

Ohio ranked 10th for Santa relocation
Santa-specific criteria included number of cookie stores per capita.


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Walleye beat Kalamazoo 4-1
Neil Conway stopped 35 shots in net for Toledo.
3 hours ago

Rogers girls top Notre Dame 50-37
Akienreh Johnson led the Rams with 16 points.
4 hours ago

N. Korea proposes joint investigation
Nation wants to clear its name in Sony scandal.
5 hours ago

Chicago mayor's son mugged near home
Mayor's teenage son mugged near family's home, has phone stolen.
5 hours ago

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Keith Burris
Community is vital but by itself not enough
Pastor strives to create safer neighborhoods by uniting community networks.…
Barbara Hendel
On the Town: 12-21
Celebrating the holiday season. 
Jeff Gerritt
Not a drug dealer
Rev. Lake is many things, but he’s no drug dealer
Matt Markey
Coyotes take on bold posture
Coyotes nabs pit bull pup from backyard in Fremont.
Dave Hackenberg
Manziel's response vital for Browns
’Johnny Football’ looks to bounce back from awful start.
Mary Bilyeu
Toast Winterfest with craft beer, wine ...
Denny’s will be open for 24 hours on Thursday.

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Lawmakers’ plan to change the way Ohio draws General Assembly districts is better than nothing — barely.

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