Friday, November 27, 2015
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Ohio weighing ban on plastic microbeads
A bill recently introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives would ban the sale and manufacture of products containing tiny plastic particles known as microbeads, a likely companion to legislation introduced earlier this year in the Ohio Senate. The plastic bits — too small to be filtered by most sewage treatment plants — are emerging as one of the more troubling forms of pollution in the Great Lakes, especially lakes Ontario and Erie.

UT holiday dinners about community
College has encouraged faculty to host international students.

Teachers camp-out to fight hunger
Bedford school collects canned food for the needy.

Campbell, Fleck share youth
Toledo, Western Michigan coaches excel at young age.

Mich. family carries on custom
Mayflower descendents host 50th annual football game.
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Holiday gift guide: Music
What to buy the music lover.

Mourning, hope mix at vigil
Family, friends remember 3 brothers who disappeared mysteriously.
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Perkins Twp. man arrested in stabbing death
Brandon Twarek charged with murder of ex-girlfriend Karen Holmes.
41 minutes ago

Trump denies mocking reporter's disability
GOP candidate says h e doesn’t know man; reporter says that’s not so.
1 hour ago

Town raising money for Edison statue
$35,000 needed to replace statue in U.S. Capitol with inventor.
1 hour ago

Hundreds protest jailing of 2 journalists in Turkey
Pair jailed on terror, espionage charges for their reports on alleged arms smuggling.…
1 hour ago

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Keith Burris
Not to pity, but to empower
We must no longer perpetuate the old solutions to poverty.
Jack Lessenberry
Syrian-centered xenophobia strikes Michigan
But some push back against puzzling rhetoric.
Keith Burris
Dan Rogers reinvents his mission
President of Cherry Street Mission dreams big. But then he does.
Dave Hackenberg
We’re not here to cheer for your team
Writers are paid for the words, not for the wins.
Mary Bilyeu
Giving thanks its due
I attended a beautiful dinner recently. There were multiple courses on the…
Barbara Hendel
Around Town: 11-25
Celebrating OSU-UM game starts early.
Keith Burris
Let P.G. get in the game
Democrats may be locking out the guy who is their best bet.

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The union has reached attractive new contracts with the Detroit Three, but long-term issues persist.

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