Monday, April 27, 2015
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Loretta Lynch sworn in as new U.S. attorney general
Loretta Lynch has been sworn in as the nation’s 83rd attorney general. She was sworn in today at a Justice Department ceremony, with Vice President Joe Biden presiding. Lynch replaces Eric Holder, who left the job Friday after six years as attorney general.

No suspects charged in 2 inmate deaths
4 inmates killed at Toledo Correctional Institution during period.

Boy, 7, races for ailing schoolmate
’Running for Randy’ raises money to cover cost of kidney transplant.

Teacher to take Arctic trip
Wildwood’s Laura Schetter to learn more of environment.

Rescuers struggle to reach villages
Death toll in Nepal’s earthquake soared past 3,700 today.

Fire determines building’s fate
A look back at the 1974 blaze that destroyed the Earle Motel.
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Bedtime snacks hurt weight loss
Stop eating 3 hours before bed. (Sponsored Content)


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Candlelight vigil slated for Chelsea Bruck
Missing woman’s body found Friday near Carleton, Mich.
1 hour ago

Japan's prime minister kicks off U.S. visit
Shinzo Abe to visit Harvard, MIT, and will stop at Boston Marathon finish line.
1 hour ago

Cash registers evolve into tech hubs
Starbucks breakdown reminder of volumes of data collected.
1 hour ago

Bomber's lawyer urges jury to spare life
Says Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a 'good kid' led astray by his older brother.
1 hour ago

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S. Amjad Hussain
Mideast turmoil goes back centuries
No easy solution to Iraq, Syria coniflicts.
Keith Burris
Stop labeling public figures
If we make every politician into a bumper sticker, we cheat ourselves.
Dave Hackenberg
Cabrera strolls, Detroit rolls
Miggy will gladly take his walks.
Mary Bilyeu
Peanut butter, jelly, a good cause
Jam City, “The Gourmet PB&J Party,” is back.
Mike Sigov
Tougher stance needed on Russia
One can only hope that NATO countries stay united.
Barbara Hendel
On the Town: 4/26
Toledo’s ‘Downton Abbey’ neighborhood.
Jeff Gerritt
Crisis of credibility
Police-related fatalities demand changes in local law enforcement.

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To make trade truly free, lawmakers should support a proposal to crack down on currency manipulation.

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