End zone: Bowling Green 10-25


About this time a month ago the Falcon faithful were worried as BG had struggled to a 1-3 start. What's more, the offense had looked bad in a shutout loss at Virginia Tech, while the defense had been torched a week earlier at Toledo.

But now that seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? The Falcons have won four in a row and are favorites this Saturday when they host Eastern Michigan at the Doyt. A win over the Eagles would make BG bowl eligible and keep the Falcons in line for a potential East Division title shot.

Is there a lesson to be learned from this? Yes, namely that football is a 12-game season, especially for MAC schools that are forced by finances to, in effect, schedule losses, such as BG's games at Florida and Virginia Tech.

Instead of worrying about a poor start, the focus should have been on continuing to get better and preparing for more winnable games against league opponents. That's what BG did, and the Falcons reaped the reward of a winning streak.

Actually, there's a second lesson, too. Fortunes can change in a hurry, and that goes both ways. There were still games to be played after the slow September start, and even now there are still games to be played – and those games will determine what kind of season 2012 was for the Falcons.

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