End zone: Bowling Green 11-1


While Tigers fans may disagree, a few extra days of rest can be a good thing. That's especially true in football, where the grind of a season that begins in August can wear down a team come November. So BG is enjoying a few extra days away thanks to an ESPN game against Ohio that will be played next Wednesday.

Sure, a team that's on a winning streak and playing well usually wants to keep playing to maintain that edge — and the Falcons have won five straight and are playing lights-out defense.

Here is an unexpected benefit of these extra days of rest: They give the Falcons a potential advantage in terms of rest, recovery and research as they prepare for the two games that will go a long way in determining this year's MAC East champ.

BG already has begun its preparations for Ohio, while the Bobcats must focus on a game today against Eastern Michigan, then have a short week to get ready for the Falcons. The next day Bowling Green can get started on preparations for Kent State, while the Flashes have a game Saturday at Miami.

That's a few extra days to heal, and a few extra days to scheme for the two biggest games of the season — that has to be an advantage for the Falcons.

Even Tigers fans can agree on that.

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