Perrysburg Service-Safety Committee votes for no action on South Boundary speed limit increase


Perrysburg City Council's Service-Safety Committee today voted 3-0 to not recommend to city council action on a requested speed limit increase on South Boundary Street at this time.

Motorists have requested a speed limit increase on this connecting roadway, while residents who live on it have objected. There are two 20 mph zones for schools on it as well.

During a recent service-safety committee meeting some residents who live on South Boundary Street gave committee members a kind but stern dressing down over going forward with a speed-increase study on a roadway that runs by two schools.

Some people opposed to the speed limit increase voiced concern that it was already a challenge for young students to cross this 25-mph street, particularly at the corner of East South Boundary and East Boundary streets and where Locust Street dead-ends into East South Boundary.

The city conducted a speed study after some people complained to council members that the 25-mph limit was too low.

Police Chief Daniel Paez had objected to raising the speed limit at a previous committee meeting. He said speeding tickets that are issued in the area are written for motorists traveling an average of 15 mph over the limit.