Lawyer on Lucas County elections board fined


A lawyer serving on the Lucas County Board of Elections has been fined $750 by the Ohio Supreme Court for falling behind in his continuing legal education.

Anthony DeGidio, of Sylvania Township, was required to have taken 24 hours of legal education during the latest two-year period, but had to his credit only a half-hour that was carried over from the previous period, according to the Supreme Court's sanction order.

Mr. DeGidio joined the elections board as one of two Republican board members in July, 2011. He said he talked to the Supreme Court during the summer and was told he had until the end of the year to complete his continuing legal education credits. The Supreme Court said the credits should have been finished by the end of last year and reported within a month after that.

He is one of 321 lawyers on a list of attorneys out of compliance that was published Tuesday by the court.