Diabetes drug lawsuit filed in Lucas County


The Ohio Attorney General’s Office filed a lawsuit in Lucas County Common Pleas Court Thursday against a Pennsylvania firm, claiming it promoted a diabetes drug with “false and misleading representations.”

The lawsuit names GlaxoSmithKline LLC of Philadelphia. The complaint alleges the company produces a drug, Avandia, which “lowers blood sugar levels by sensitizing the cells to use insulin more efficiently and effectively.”

The complaint states the company “misrepresented” certain aspects of the drug, such as that it “had a positive cholesterol profile, when in fact [the company] did not possess competent and reliable scientific evidence to substantiate the claim.” The suit alleges the firm “misrepresented that Avandia had cardiovascular benefits when in fact, it does not, and may increase cardiovascular risks.”

The suit, assigned to Judge Dean Mandros, asks for the company to be barred from “engaging in deceptive practices” and be assessed a $25,000 fine.