Bond change denied in courthouse riot case


A Lucas County common pleas judge Wednesday continued bond at $80,000 for a Toledo man charged with multiple counts resulting from a disturbance outside the courthouse.

Anthony Mitchell, 39, of 828 Magnolia St. is charged with one count of aggravated riot and two counts of retaliation. He faces up to 7½ years in prison if convicted. Judge Gary Cook denied the motion to reconsider his bond and set a Jan. 9 court date.

Mitchell is one of six people arrested Nov. 28 after causing a disturbance at the courthouse precipitated by the sentencing of Anthony Mitchell, Jr., 16, to 21 years in prison for a rape conviction.

Also charged is Markella Lawrence, 30, of 420 Elizabeth St., Angel Bowman, 35, and Sonia Nieto, 32, both of 230½ Webster St., Myesha Newton, 19, of 6365 Glenridge Rd., and Antoine Pernell, 36, of 812 Walbridge St.