Court outburst earns warning from judge


A nearly two-month delay in the trial of a Toledo man did not sit well with family members of the victims and defendant Monday, prompting an admonition from Lucas County Common Pleas Court Judge Ruth Ann Franks.

“This is a court of law. This is not the Jerry Springer Show,” Judge Franks told the spectators gathered for what was scheduled to be the trial of Traquawn Gibson. “It's so inappropriate. Please do not do that.”

Mr. Gibson, 18, of 2720 Elm St. is charged with two alternate counts of murder for two homicides: the Oct. 18 shooting death of Deontae Allen, 19, and the Nov. 18 shooting death of Mr. Gibson’s former girlfriend, CreJonnia Bell, 19.

Some spectators reacted in disgust as the trial was re-scheduled for June 10 at the request of defense attorney Don Cameron. Judge Franks told spectators they would be removed from her courtroom and charged with contempt of court if there were any more outbursts.

The judge ruled last month that the two cases are related.