Teen pleads guilty in shooting of man in 2 separate incidents


A 13-year-old boy was found delinquent today of accusations that he was involved with the shooting of a man on two separate occasions.

Emilio Santellana will be sentenced a week from today in Lucas County Juvenile Court.

He pleaded guilty to three counts of felonious assault, all with gun specifications, but two with complicity specifications.

The Santellana youth pleaded guilty to the charges. He was first accused of shooting Steven Walker, 23, three times on Feb. 13 with a 22-caliber gun.

He shot Mr. Walker because he told police Mr. Walker "disrespected" him.

The teen told police he threw the gun into the Maumee River.

On April 25, the teen told police he gave a 25-caliber gun to another male who promised to "take care of" the youth's problem with Mr. Walker.

The youth reported hearing the other individual shoot at Mr. Walker seven or eight times; Mr. Walker was hit once in his right calf.

The other individual reportedly gave the gun back to the Santellana youth, who threw it in the Maumee River.