Officials seek to try robbery suspect as adult


Lucas County juvenile court officials filed a motion today to certify a teen accused in a robbery and shooting as an adult.

Filing the motion was mandatory because the suspect, Jaquan Faulkner, is 17 and charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. The Toledo teen is also charged with felonious assault with a gun specification.

A probable cause hearing is scheduled for Nov. 25.

Police allege that the teen gave a couple $5 for a ride from East Toledo to the 1100 block of Waverly Avenue in central Toledo on Friday morning.

Once the trio arrived, the teen allegedly put a gun to the victims' heads to rob them. The driver sped off, and at least one shot was fired, hitting the man in his left shoulder.

The teen was arrested the same day after an hours-long standoff on Montrose Avenue with police.