5 more people face chop shop charges

Federal indictment filed Tuesday


A 17-count indictment filed in U.S. District Court late Tuesday charged five more individuals with taking part in a large-scale chop-shop operation in Toledo.

Named in the “second superseding” indictment were Earl R. Beebe, 37, of Toledo; John A. DeBolt, 48, of Toledo; Joe I. McKinney, 75, of Toledo; Diana L. Vannes, 32, of Holland, and Anthony W. Wymer, 32, of Toledo.

Reindicted on conspiracy charges were Michael G. Wymer, 55, of Toledo; Robert W. DeBolt, Jr., 48, of Toledo; Gary J. Wymer, 56, of Rossford, and Terry L. Wymer, 51, of Toledo.

The four men were among nine people indicted in federal court last year for their alleged roles in an operation that transported stolen tractor-trailer rigs and cargo from Michigan and Indiana to “chop shops” at 642 Sterling St. and 2322 Consaul St. in Toledo.

Federal prosecutors allege the stolen trucks and goods were then either sold, cut up into scrap metal, or broken up for parts.

The charges contained in the new indictment allege much of the same conduct but add that Mr. Beebe, John DeBolt, and Anthony Wymer unloaded stolen items or cut them up, that Ms. Vannes “opened the gate” at the Sterling Street chop shop on various occasions to allow Michael G. Wymer to drive stolen equipment into the yard, and that she “posted for sale on Craigslist” stolen items. Mr. McKinney allegedly sold a stolen trailer and helped Michael G. Wymer remove tires from a stolen trailer, among other allegations.

The new indictment seeks forfeiture of “money equal to the gross proceeds” from the thefts while the chop shop was allegedly in operation from June, 2012, to February, 2013.

Mike Tobin, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, said an arraignment date has not been set for the co-defendants in the latest indictment.

Five previous co-defendants — Shawn M. Wymer, 28, of Holland; Terrance L. Wymer, 29, of Toledo; Gary G. Wymer, Jr., 27, of Toledo; Gregory A. Rose, 45, of Toledo, and Michael Deutsch, 38, of Toledo — have pleaded guilty to charges relating to the chop-shop ring but have not yet been sentenced.

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