Maumee city worker charged in theft

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    Maumee city employee and school board member David Theaker has been charged with two counts of theft in office for stealing gasoline from the city, according to court records.

    A complaint filed in Maumee Municipal Court said Mr. Theaker, 53, a supervisor in the service division, pumped 10 gallons of gas into two 5-gallon containers and took them home for personal use, while charging their price to the city of Maumee. The gas was valued at $34.99

    Mr. Theaker acted while on duty as a city employee.

    Theft in office is a fifth-degree felony.

    Mr. Theaker is to appear Aug. 4 in Maumee Municipal Court for an arraignment.

    The investigation is ongoing and the police report for the incident was not available on Friday. Mr. Thea-ker’s current standing with the city and school board was not known.